Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Bath Time!

This morning for breakfast caiden wanted pancakes so i made one for him and for Hailey. She's never had them before so i thought i'd give it a try. She loved them! at first i was feeding her but she kept wanting to feed herself so i just cut them up really tiny , put them on her tray and let her go crazy. By the end of breakfast she had more pancakes (and syrup) in her hair than in her mouth. So, strait to the bath.

Both my kids love taking baths. I have always tried to make it fun for them. They have toys, bubbles, bath paint, water colors and anything else you could think of. I get my bath toys at a website called The bath factory http://thebathfactory.com they have everything for kids (and adults.) All of their products are very mild and safe for all ages.

Caiden loves these! He colors all over
the walls and himself!

This is the bath confettie. You put it in the water and watch as the colors slowly dissolve and spread out into bubbles!


Drea said...

I may have 2 get some of that... because CALEB HATES baths. Its gotten a little better the past two months... but he still freaks out when I have to wash his hair.

Drea said...

Oh and anything involving syrup results in a bath around here :-) and thats w/ a 2 yr old! I cant imagine the mess w/ a 9 month old HAHAHA

ali said...

my kids love baths!!
isabella had her first shower this week, though, and i think she might be done with baths! she keeps asking to take a "hower"!