Wednesday, October 26, 2011

I am absolutely in love with Hailey's school pictures this year, i cant believe how good they turned out, she looks beautiful

Monday, October 17, 2011

We ♥ Football:)

We took the kids to the Michigan vs. Massachusetts game a couple weeks back. It was Caidens 2nd game ever and Hailey's 1st. We have been waiting till we thought she was old enough to go and with her being such a die hard fan, this was the year.

It started out alittle rough with her whining and wanting to be held and wanting nothing to do with the game but after about the first quarter she started to get into it (once i finally went and got snacks:)

She loved being there and cheering...and it helped that we won 58-0 too. It was the perfect game to take them to, it wasn't a close game so we didn't have to pay close attention, we watched but also kept her occupied and helped her get into the game. She's only 5 so it's alot to ask of her to sit in one spot for 3 hours strait but she did great!

Caiden really loved going this year! He watched the entire game and really got into it! His first game was 2 years ago when he was 6 and like Hailey he was hard to keep entertained but this year was different, it was fun to watch how much he loved it. Going to games is something brad and i have started doing 4 years ago and now absolutely love doing and plan on doing every year, so to know that the kids are both to an age where we can start taking them to 1 game a year with us is pretty exciting! For now at least it will only be 1 game a year, I'm sure the older they get the more they will want to go...these game are addicting, being around the crowd and part of the stadium is like being in a whole different world and now that they have both experienced it and both love it I'm sure they will be asking more often to go to the games with us:)