Tuesday, October 23, 2007


Halloween is one of my favorite holidays. I love dressing up, taking the kids trick or treating and basically everything that has to do with it. As soon as stores start putting out there halloween decorations caiden and i go and try on all the masks and look for costumes. I think that because of the way i have always been he's not scared like other kids his age. He loves it all, even the scary bloody masks.

Last weekend Brad and I took Caiden to cedar point for halloweekend. He has been wanting to go ever since he saw the comerical on t.v. We went from 5 untill almost 11:00pm. Caiden rode some rides but he really wasn't as interested in them as he was the haunted houses and all the decorations that they put up everywhere. In some parts they made the walk way into haunted houses. They had fog machines and people dressed up jumping out to scare you.

Caiden loved it all. There was one haunted house we went through were one of the were wolves came and got right up in caidens face and really scared him but once we explained to him that underneath that mask was just a normal guy like Brad, he thought it was funny. I was a little surprised that that person got right up in his face like that. I know that usually when they see a younger kid they more try to make them laugh then cry.

It was really nice getting to spend the evening with just caiden. We haven't done that as much as we would like to since Hailey's been born and i could tell that he just loved being the center of attention again! After we left there we went and ate at Friendlys and didn't get home until almost 1:00am. I think Caiden was out before we pulled out of the resturant parking lot.

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Throwback Thursday

I've been wanting to get Hailey's hair cut for a couple weeks now but wanted to wait until the right day. I was waiting until October 10th, the same day of Caidens first haircut. His was October 10th 2003 and hers was October 10th 2007, exactly 4 years apart! He was born with a headfull of hair and got his 1st haircut when he was 9 months old. Hailey's has taken alittle longer to grow in, she is now 15 months old. But ever since it started coming in it hasn't stopped. I can't stand my bangs or any hair to be in my eyes and Haileys were so long i was constantly pushing them back out of her eyes. (i think it bothered me more than her). Here is her before haircut picture

She was being such a doll posing for this picture. She was playing with my umbrella in the house (i know bad luck) and kept putting her face right infront of the camera smiling. Don't mind the dirty cheetohs face!

And here is her after haircut picture. By the way i cut her bangs myself so if they look alittle short or crooked, it's my fault. I don't understand how they get kids to sit still for haircuts.

It's weird how doing something as small as trimming her bangs changes her whoel looks.

Now heres Caiden 4 year ago on October 10th 2003. He got his first haircut at my grandpas barber shop.

Look at that ornery face! He loved playing in the bottom of my stove and throwing all my pots and pans everywhere. It really doesn't seem like 4 years has already passed.

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Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Our Little Diva!!!

Hailey has definatley got a personality of her own. She is very demanding with a horrible temper at times and absolutely an angel at other times. She is now 14 1/2 months old. I don't know where the time has went but she has filled everyday with excitement and new adventures.

She is walking so good now, getting into EVERYTHING!!! Of course she wants nothing to do with her toys just things she knows she can't have(her favorites are lamps, tv, candles all that good stuff) The other day she crawled behind the couch and got into my makeup. When i tried to take it from her she threw a fit so instead of taking it I put it on her. I gave her her first makeover!

I did as best as i could, I couldn't get her sit still too long!

She also loves getting into my kitchen cupboards. We have a lazy susan that she loves spinning around (although she always gets her fingers caught) We have had to remove all the food from there because she would get in there and dump it out on the floor. I still leave in her crackers and snacks and when she wants one she opens the door gets out the box and brings it to me saying "mom, mom" That is what she says when she wants something. She'll say it over and over until she gets it.

Heres Hailey sitting in her favorite chair eating her crackers. She looks so big in this picture. Her hair has grown so much in the past couple months. I love it! I can finally put it up in a ponytail or in pigtails without having it stick strait up on her head. I am actually going to be scheduling her first haircut next week to get her bangs out of her eyes.

She really is our little princess! We love our Hailey!!!