Wednesday, September 24, 2008

~Wordless Wednesday~

Caiden has now lost 4 teeth, soon to be 5 when he finally lets me pull that one hanging in front!

Monday, September 22, 2008

Wow so it has been almost a whole year since I have been on here. Alot has happened and we've been keeping ourselves pretty busy.

Back in the spring about 6 months ago we had a huge flood in our town. We had water in our basement for about 6 weeks (which by the way 6 weeks of water sitting doesnt smell too nice) so we stayed where we were living for as long as we could and started looking for a house to buy. We found one pretty quick but while all the paper work was going through we stayed at Brad's parents and my parents on and off for about 3 weeks. We finally moved into our new home in the beginning of june and have kept busy fixing things up. So far we have painted almost every room and have recarpeted most of the house. Wetill have more work to do but were going to wait till next year to finish.

Hailey turned two in july and we had a cookout for her here at our new house. It has a huge fenced in back yard that we love!

"Hailey's 2nd birthday party"

Caiden started kindergarten this year, it's hard having him gone all day now especially since i work evenings, somedays i feel like i dont hardley see him at all. but i'm trying to work with my boss to get me on a set schedule that benefits my family a little more.

"First day of kindergarten"

So far he is doing great in school and really loves going. Hopefully he stays that way for awhile, i know its still new and exciting to him right now.

Well i have so much more catching up to do but I'll save it for next time.