Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Long Night!!!

The evening started out so good. I met mom at her house and her and my sisters came to the ballpark with me and the kids . Last night was my last ballgame for the summer.

We got there early and caiden was having so much fun playing with all the kids his age. I was over by him and saw our team captain over at the field we were playing on so I went over to talk to her, thinking it would be okay to leave Caiden for a minute to play. We have done this many times this summer. I can see him from where we play so i just figure he's okay.

As i was standing over there talking i heard the most horrible scream ever. I didn't even realize what it was at first. I saw my cousin holding someone in her arms and this child was bleeding everywhere. Then i noticed the bright blue flipflops, it was caiden.

I ran over there and i seriously have never seen so much blood before. I have heard that head injuries bleed very's true. I carried him to the bathroom and by the time i got there we were both covered. We put an ice pack on him and went to the E.R.

All the kids were chasing each other around the picinic tables when they decided to climb on top of them and jump from table to table. My cousin was standing right there with them and she said she knew someone was gonna get hurt so she said "hey guys" but before she could finish caiden jumped. Well i guess he didn't jump far enough. He missed the table and hit his face strait on the bench. She said nothing stopped his fall but his face.

He bled for about 15 minutes. It finally stopped by the tiem we pulled into the hospital. We sat in teh E.R for about 3 1/2 hours, (i hate going to the ER, they always take forever. Thankfully we haven't been there often!) They took x-rays and looked him over. They finally told us that his nose was broken. I already knew it was from the looks of it. By that time alot of the swelling had went down, we had kept ice on it the whole time.

This was last night at around midnight when we finally got home. He was exhausted. He had to sleep on the couch so we could keep him elevated and wake him every 2-3 hours to check on him.

I took these pictures this morning. It really looks so much better already. I was so scared when it first happened. It was so swollen It didn't even look like a nose.

He was such a good boy the whole time. He was very patient at the hospital and didn't complain at all, even though i knew how much pain he was in. He said the sweetest thing to me as we were laying in the bed waiting for the doctor, he said "mom i'm sorry you had to miss your last game" I couldn't believe that after all that happened he was worried about me. I guess i must have done something right raising him for him to be such a sweet, caring little boy. Kids bounce back from these things so quick. He was dissapointed today when we wouldn't let him ride his scooter. Hopefully the swelling goes down and everything looks normal again.

Date Night-Finally!!!

Last Saturday Brad and I went on our first date in almost 13 months!!!

It was much overdue. We left Hailey with Brad's parents around 6:00 and headed to Fridays resturant to eat. It was so nice sitting there, having an adult conversation and not being interruppted. After that we went to Goofy Golf. We were going to go see a movie but decided we rent movies and watch them all the time, we wanted to try something new. We rode the go-karts 4 times and we were going go play put-put but ran out of time. We had so much fun (although i got 6 huge bruises on my back from a little boy thinking it was funny to hit everyone)
We went back to pick Hailey up at about 10:15 and she had already fallen asleep. So we went over to a friends house to watch the UFC fights. After they were over Hailey was still asleep so we decided to leave her there overnight! We have never left her for more than 5 hours before so we were both a little nervous about how she would do or what she would think if she woke up in the night. I was expecting a phone call around 5:00am, Hailey always wakes up then, but i didn't get one. When i woke up in the morning i rolled over and looked at the clock and it was 9:52! I couldn't believe it! I hurried and got dressed and practically ran over there.

She was playing outside with her grandma. She was fine and did so good. She did wake up around 5:00 ate a little bit of a poptart, played for about 30 minutes and fell back to sleep. I was so nervous only because i still breastfeed. I fed her saturday morning and was going to feed her when we got back saturday night but she was already asleep. So she went a full 24 hours without being nursed!

We had alot of 1st that night, 1st date night, 1st time leaving Hailey overnight, 1st time not nursing her. This is kind of exciting for me, i've realized i can go and do more things now and that she will be fine with someone else. Brad and I have decided we want to do this every couple weeks. We really needed that time together.

Thursday, August 23, 2007


I realized that i haven't been on here in awhile, this week just flew by. For an update on my guilty feelings I am so much better. We all have those days that we feel down and out of it, i know that and it really did help me to hear that i am not the only mother who goes to bed worrying or feeling guilty. I have really concentrated on spending quality time with each child, I decided that Caiden can stay up an hour later than Hailey and that gives me and him time to play and cuddle before bed. He loves not going to bed at his normal bedtime. Too bad this can't last long though, school starts on the 4th and he's gonna have to go back to his bedtime then, but were enjoying it for now.

He is so excited about going to school. He is going to a new one this year. I liked his last preschool but it was very expensive and i felt that they didn't put enough time into each child. For example caiden can write his first and last name very good and i helped him everyday at school when i dropped him off for about the first half. For the second half i decided to let him go in by himself and let the teachers help him or even let him do it by himself. I saw at the end of the year that the whole second half he didn't write his name once, all he did was scribble. I know that there are more children that teachers but not one day did they sit down with him and help him. It was always the same with his art work too. If he didn't feel like doing anything they they didn't make him do it, most things came home just scribbled on. I feel that he is there to learn not play, he can do that at home...for free. So anyways we are going to try this new school and hopefully he likes it. He will be going Mon-Thurs 8:30-11:30. Last year he only went 2 days a week for 2 1/2 hours a day so this will be a big adjustment for him, and me. It will be weird not having him here all day with me but i guess i better get used to it cause from here on out that is how it will be. My baby is growing up too fast.

We are enjoying the last days of summer. The weather was beautiful today and we spent the whole day outside. We started at my aunt pool and then went to Brad's parents house to let the kids play on the slip-n-slide. They both love it! We played out there on it for about 2 hours.

Caiden was surfing on his spider-man surf board, he was actually doing pretty good. He would run and put the surf board under his knees and make it from one end to the other!

I was surprised at how much Hailey liked it too. She can't walk on it by herself without slipping and falling down so she was getting alittle frustrated with that but she did find one good use for it...

The kids were completely wore out by bedtime, they were both asleep by 9:15 (which is very good for my kids). So i guess i should get to bed too, i should take advantage of their early bedtime.

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

That Guilty Feeling

I know that along with being a parent comes guilt. I've realized this from the day my babies were born, feeling guilty about letting the nurses take care of them at night or when bringing them home realizing I let too many hours pass before changing a diaper. I know that it is just part of being a mom but i hate how somedays at the end of the day i feel guilty over the things i didn't do with my children.
Most days I am 100% devoted to my kids but I do have my off days. Sometimes I am tired or cranky and don't have the patience or the energy to put my all into them. Is that being a lazy parent?
Today all Caiden wanted to do was play in the basement and I kept putting it off and when i finally did go down to play with him it only lasted about 20 minutes before I decided we needed to come upstairs to play something else. I feel like my patience with him somedays just isn't fair to him. Granted he is testing me every minute anymore and not listening at all but before Hailey was born I would sit down and spend all the time in the world catering to anything he needed, now all that time isn't there. It is consumed with chasing a 1 year old all over and trying to get my 4 yr old to listen.
Somedays i feel like i spend more time disiplining and yelling at him than i do playing with him. I think that the change in his attitude and personality is my fault. I need to find someway to spend more quality "big boy" time with him. Doing things that we used to do just me, him and Brad. I have been saying this for awhile but I've noticed it more lately and something really needs to change.
I hate feeling like this at the end of the day. I just want to go in and wake him and tell him I love him and that we'll play all day tomorrow (but i wont), instead i'll just kiss him quietly and try harder tomorrow!

Saturday, August 18, 2007

The Fair

I used to love going to the fair every year. I don't know if I just got older or if they just aren't as good as they used to be. You have to pay 7 dollars per person to get in, even if your not riding anything! I can understand paying that for the rides but not to walk around and look at animals.

I took the kids this past week. Neither of them really liked it. Hailey is just at that age where she wants her freedom, not the stroller and Caiden says the kiddy rides are too "baby" for him. (When did my little boy stop being my baby?) and hes still too small to the ride the big rides.

I'm not a big fan of fair rides anyways, they don't look very safe.

So we spent most of our time in the animal barns. That was the one things both the kids really liked. We went through every barn there and through the pony and horse barns twice. Caiden had to try and pet every horse, Hailey even got to pet a couple.

I'm always nervous letting him pet the animals, you never know when they might bite. They both really liked the goats too. (the goats and the horses were the least smelly)

Caiden was so funny. When looking at the cows he asked what that thing was that was hanging between their legs so i told him thats where our milk came from, he was kinda discusted by that, then he was asking what else we use animals for so i told him where we got hamburger and chicken and ham. If only i could have taken a picture of his face. I hope i didn't turn him into a vegaterian!!!

He did end up riding all the rides once, after waiting ten minutes in each line and then only to have him stare at me while on the ride telling me how slow they were going. He found one good thing about one of the rides though. He turned the handle bars into guns (he loves guns everywhere we go he thinks he needs to get a new one)

I finally let Hailey out of her stroller to walk around alittle. She really wanted to ride with Caiden but I know her too well. She would never stay sitting in the seat, halfway through the ride we would have to stop it to get her out. But she had fun just walking around.

Yes she is sticking her tounge out at me, that is her new thing she does!

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Monday, August 13, 2007

This weekend was so busy for us, we had something planned for every night.

On friday was my cousin's bachlorette party. We all went out to eat at TGI Fridays and then they went over to Kelleys Island on the booze cruise. The booze cruise is exactly what it sounds like, a party boat that takes you over to the island. It drops you off there for a couple hours than takes you back, you stay on the boat for about an hour there and another hour back. I didn't go on it with them. I still nurse Hailey and have never left her before at night time so i felt that it wouldn't be a good idea to go.

On saturday Brad, Hailey and I (caiden was away for the weekend) went to my sister's best friends wedding- did you catch all that?!! It was so beautiful and Hailey really seemed to enjoy herself. She loved being free to walk around the room and do as she pleased. She was so funny when the music started playing out on the dance floor shaking her butt!!! She dances anytime she hears music.

Then finally on Sunday was my cousins bridal shower. I don't know if i mentioned it but i am one of the bridesmaid. So i was there from about 12:00-4:00. It turned out really nice, we had about 40 people show up and My cousin got so many nice gifts. After seeing all the things she got for her house it really makes me want to go shopping.

I felt kinda bad having our weekend so packed when it is Brads only days off I felt that i didn't really get to spend much time with him before he had to go back to work again. Hopefully everything slows down a little (at least for awhile!!!)

I put together a slideshow for the whole weekend, way to many pictures to post them individually. and yes i am wearing the same dress for the wedding and the shower. I bought me and Hailey an outfit to wear to the shower and completely forgot about the wedding so i had to wear it twice, the good thing was that no one from the wedding was at the shower other than my sister and mom.

I have to let everyone know about a contest going on over at when 2 became 3, she is giving away a beautiful wrap. I would love to win this. I have used wraps of friends every once in awhile and have just loved the closeness feeling of having Hailey lay against me. I have yet to purchase my own though so this would be perfect for me. All you have to do is head on over there to sign up. Contest ends August 22 at 9:00am.

Good luck!!!

Thursday, August 9, 2007

My little helpers!

Caiden has recentely started taking an interest in helping me clean. He is so funny, the other day i told him we would go to the pool as soon as i straitened the house up, well i finished the kitchen and went into the livingroom only to find it SPOTLESS! He cleaned everything! He put all the toys away, took all the clothes to whosever room they belonged and even dusted (with a baby wipe). He then told me that since everything was cleaned we could now stay at the pool for 6 hours!

Since then almost everyday he has been helping me clean, mostly just the livingroom and his bedroom but it's a good start. He told me yesterday that i don't need to worry about cleaning anymore, when he thinks it needs done he will do it, i can just rest! Isn't he the sweetest little boy?!!!

Although Hailey is only 1 she wants to help too. I was cleaning the kitchen tonight and was getting ready to mop when Hailey grabbed the broom and started pushing it back and forward across the kitchen. At the rate my kids are going, i should have the cleanest house in the world!!!

I'll have to get some pictures of Caiden cleaning too, just to show you how determined he is when he cleans.

Last sunday Brad started working 3rd shift. It's been kinda hard for me to adjust getting used to him not being home at night. It is so much easier to put the kids to bed when there is two of us, he usually put Caiden to bed while I fed Hailey and then layed her down. It does give me more time at night to do whatever it is that i want, like watch my favorite t.v. shows (sex and the city) instead of something we both can agree on, it has also given me more time to get on here and blog! But i find myself staying up way to late instead of going to bed like i know i should. I'm actually looking forward to this weekend when Brad will be home at night and will be in bed with me. (i'm kind of a baby when it comes to being alone). I've gotten so used to him always being there and laying beside me that it's going to take me awhile to get used to his new schedule. The one thing i don't want to do is let the kids start sleeping with me. We have worked so hard to get them in there own beds that i don't want to start all over.
This evening it was just me and Hailey, Brad is of course at work and Caiden is at his grandma's house. She picked him up earlier and took him to get his pictures done and then he stayed there for the night. It gave me and Hailey some one on one time to play.
I took some pictures of caiden just before he left, he looked so handsome and grown up.

See that spider-man chair behind Caiden. Hailey has the same one exept it's a princess one. I don't know if maybe she just missed Caiden this evening or what but she wanted to sit in it all evening. She wanted nothing to do with her pretty princess one, just his!

She looks so content in it, watching Elmo!
Can you tell that i am by myself and have no one to talk to? I just keep rambling on. Well i really should be getting to sleep now!

Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Wordless Wednesday

"The only thing worth stealing is a kiss from a sleeping child"

Rob Zombie's Halloween

**Inside every one us, there exists a dark side. Most people rise above it, but some are consumed by it. Until there is nothing left, but pure evil. **

I love scary movies!
On August 31st one of the best and scariest Halloween movie's yet will be out on the big screen. Written and directed by Rob Zombie.

I think that Zombie will have made a awesome horror film. He is a real horror fan and he did a GREAT job with the House of 1,000 Corpses remake and Devil's Rejects. You can check out an interview with Rob Zombie and find out more on his point of views of the movie
at Halloween the movie.

On Halloween 1963 in Haddenfield, 6-year-old Michael Myers estranged and mentally unstable, is imprisoned in Smith's Grove Sanitarium under the care of Dr. Sam Loomis for the murders of his mother's boyfriend, his older sister, and her boyfriend. Now, 15 years later, he is accidentally released and now in search of his baby sister Laurie. Dr. Loomis must warn the residents of Haddenfield and get to Laurie before Michael does.

Tell me that this doesn't scare you?

My favorite scary movie so far is the very 1st Halloween movie. Myers is beyond eerie and the acting is good and almost too real. After watching that movie, i was terrified of the "Jason" mask.
I think that this one just may be even scarier and better. It has an awesome trailer that has me so anxious to see what the outcome of the movie will be!

To find out more on the newest Halloween Movie click on
Halloween the movie

Monday, August 6, 2007


Somedays i feel like i have 3 children instead of two. I love my husband dearly but he is such a kid at heart. Always wrestling, screaming, playing ball in the house basically everything you tell your children not to do. I guess thats why the kids love it so much when he's home.
Caiden went to some garage sales with me on sunday and at the very last one he saw a couple pairs of boxing gloves, one was spiderman and the other was the hulk (in case you don't know when they play superheroes caiden is always spiderman and brad is always the hulk!) So caiden just had to get them. When Brad got home from work that night Caiden ran out to meet him with his hands behind his back and punched Brad right in the stomach. Well that started it and from there here's what happened...

They both love the boxing gloves but me, i could do without them. Since buying them i have been hit more times than i perfer.

Sunday, August 5, 2007


We have been doing everything we can lately to take advantage of the hot weather. A couple days ago Brad and I got our first day together without the kids!!! (first day in 13 months!)

We went tubing out on his parents boat. I haven't been able to go in 2 years, last summer i was 9 months pregnant and didn't think Hailey would appreciate it.

We had so much fun, Brad went first and after a couple times of getting thrown out he did really good. Next me and my sister in-law (she's my age) Sheena went. We decided that we wanted to try and go together, not a good idea, trying to fit 2 people in the tube and not knocking each other out wasn't easy. We held on for a long time and then got knocked over. I never knew water could hurt that bad. when we fell out i slammed down face first in the water and sheena got thrown up in the air and then hit the water. After that i was done for the day, at least until next time. If you've never been tubing you gotta try it, it's so fun!

Here's some pictures...

I'm still trying to teach Brad how to use the zoom button on the camera:-)

The next day it was about 95 degrees out so I took the kids to the pool to swim. Hailey is getting so much better in the water, although it's non-stop for me. Since she can walk now she thinks shes big enough to walk all over the baby pool. She does good in the really shallow area but once it gets alittle deeper she falls down and the water goes above her head. That only happened once, once i realized it i couldn't take my hands off her. You would think that would slow her down or maybe even scare her, but not Hailey it only made her want to try even harder to get in the deeper end of the baby pool.

Caiden loves going there, it seems like all the kids there are boys his age. I guess there must have been something in the water that year! Every boy there had a squirt gun (thanks to me) and they had squirt gun fights all day. We stayed for about 3 1/2 hours. I'll tell you what though, we all slept good that night!

Caiden doing a cannonball!

Hailey going non-stop in her pretty ruffled bathing suit!

Friday, August 3, 2007


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Thursday, August 2, 2007

Throwback Thursday

This picture was taken of my dad, me and my sister 23 years ago. It was taken in January of 1984. At the time i was 1 1/2 months old, my sister was 2 and my dad was 23. (Don't you just love the constipated look on my face?)

This picture was taken this past February of 2007. It's my dad who at the time of the picture was 46, me who is 23, Caiden is 4 and Hailey was 7 months old. I thought it was a really cool throwback picture because in the first one my dad was 23 yrs. old with his 2 children and in the second one i am 23 years old with my 2 children and my dad is still right there with me.

To join in on Throwback Thursday just head over to the Pinks & Blues Girls and sign Mr. Linky.

I also want to let everyone know about a contest that Adventures in Babywearing is having right now. She is giving away a $75.00 gift certifiacte to Chittypulga, the finest childrens boutique & magazine on the web today. You have until 9pm on Friday to sign up. Good Luck!!!

Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Wordless Wednesday

He put Haileys leggings on by himself and was sitting in her elmo chair when i came in the living room. He doesn't look too happy that I took his picture! This will be a good one in about 10 years to show his girlfriend!