Thursday, August 9, 2007

My little helpers!

Caiden has recentely started taking an interest in helping me clean. He is so funny, the other day i told him we would go to the pool as soon as i straitened the house up, well i finished the kitchen and went into the livingroom only to find it SPOTLESS! He cleaned everything! He put all the toys away, took all the clothes to whosever room they belonged and even dusted (with a baby wipe). He then told me that since everything was cleaned we could now stay at the pool for 6 hours!

Since then almost everyday he has been helping me clean, mostly just the livingroom and his bedroom but it's a good start. He told me yesterday that i don't need to worry about cleaning anymore, when he thinks it needs done he will do it, i can just rest! Isn't he the sweetest little boy?!!!

Although Hailey is only 1 she wants to help too. I was cleaning the kitchen tonight and was getting ready to mop when Hailey grabbed the broom and started pushing it back and forward across the kitchen. At the rate my kids are going, i should have the cleanest house in the world!!!

I'll have to get some pictures of Caiden cleaning too, just to show you how determined he is when he cleans.

Last sunday Brad started working 3rd shift. It's been kinda hard for me to adjust getting used to him not being home at night. It is so much easier to put the kids to bed when there is two of us, he usually put Caiden to bed while I fed Hailey and then layed her down. It does give me more time at night to do whatever it is that i want, like watch my favorite t.v. shows (sex and the city) instead of something we both can agree on, it has also given me more time to get on here and blog! But i find myself staying up way to late instead of going to bed like i know i should. I'm actually looking forward to this weekend when Brad will be home at night and will be in bed with me. (i'm kind of a baby when it comes to being alone). I've gotten so used to him always being there and laying beside me that it's going to take me awhile to get used to his new schedule. The one thing i don't want to do is let the kids start sleeping with me. We have worked so hard to get them in there own beds that i don't want to start all over.
This evening it was just me and Hailey, Brad is of course at work and Caiden is at his grandma's house. She picked him up earlier and took him to get his pictures done and then he stayed there for the night. It gave me and Hailey some one on one time to play.
I took some pictures of caiden just before he left, he looked so handsome and grown up.

See that spider-man chair behind Caiden. Hailey has the same one exept it's a princess one. I don't know if maybe she just missed Caiden this evening or what but she wanted to sit in it all evening. She wanted nothing to do with her pretty princess one, just his!

She looks so content in it, watching Elmo!
Can you tell that i am by myself and have no one to talk to? I just keep rambling on. Well i really should be getting to sleep now!


Shana said...

I fell your!!! My hubby works 3rd shift as well. I always look forward to the week-ends to have him with me. Your children are such cuties.

Kerry said...

Wow, what great helpers you have! You guys must be really tan after spending 6 hours at the pool! :)

My hubby travels some for work and while I love having my freedom to do what I want at night I also hate the sleeping alone thing too. We've trained our boys to sleep in their beds too...I've actually tried a time or two to get them to sleep w/ me but they just want to play. Oh well.

Stam House said...

what a nice little helper you have!
Yes my DH does work too hard to, but it's a part of the curse so I might do mine! It a blessing to stay home but the sacrifice my husband have to make :-(

pinks & blues girls said...

Wow, such little helpers! They are such great kids! Caiden looks so adorable in those pictures. Hope he had a good time at Grandma's! And Hailey is so cute, all relaxed in that chair!

Jane, Pinks & Blues Girls

we are reilly said...

I just have a 2 year old daughter and I HATE the nights that my husband works late -- it's so hard to get her ready for bed and in bed when we're alone -- I don't seem to have as much energy -- I don't know how single mothers do it -- I give them SO much credit!

Summer said...

That is really cool that your kids are cleaning so early in age. great pics of your kids.

Stam House said...

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Pea Pod Mommy said...

My kiddos are interested in cleaning right now as well. Yesterday, I let them help me ~ and it actually went faster than I thought!