Monday, July 30, 2007


This past weekend we went camping with my family, every year my step-dads side of the family all go together. This year there were only about 6 families that went, but it worked out really good cause all the little kids were about 5 years old. Caiden had so much fun.

When we first got there we went to the beach. The water was so shallow, the highest it got was to my waist, but i guess thats perfect for his age. There was a huge slide that the kids could go on (we couldn't believe how much it was though, 10.00 per person) they could go all day for that but still it's just a slide. After about 10 times going down it he had had enough. Hailey didn't go in the water too much, she's not a big fan of the sand (or maybe the smell)

All the kids brought their bikes so they spent most of the time riding around and going on the bike trails. By bedtime they were completely wore out, caiden actually told us he wanted to go in the tent to go to bed!!!

Some advice for anyone with a 1 year old, wait another year to take them camping. Although we loved going and having Hailey there with us it was more of a hassle than it was relaxing. We spent more time trying to keep rock and leaves out of her mouth and trying to keep her away from the fire than anything else. Now that she is walking everywhere we didn't get a moments rest. She also didn't sleep good there. For the last month now Hailey has been sleeping all night and has been going to bed about 10:00 and waking up around 7:00. There she didn't go to bed until 1:00am (and to get her to sleep i had to walk her around in the stroller for 1/2 hour) and she was up by 6:30 to eat.
We found out how rotten Hailey is!:-) My aunts little boy is 2 weeks older than Hailey and everytime she saw him she would try to pinch him or pull his hair or bite him, for no reason at all. I wonder if she just felt threatened by someone else her age, but we really need to keep our eye on her when she's around other kids.
In the we all had fun so i guess thats all that matters:-)

By the way Hailey found her new favorite snack-Cheetohs, the messest food ever!!

Thursday, July 26, 2007

Rock Star Baby Contest!

Drea is having a contest giving away some really cool items from MyRockstarBaby. This contest ends tonight so hurray up and sign up!!

Aren't these so cute..

They are also looking for some new saying to put on them so if you can think of any you'll have to let them know. I can't think of a good one right now but when i do i'll let you know!

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Day at the Islands!!!

Today Brad and I took the kids on his parents boat with them over to Kelley's Island. Caiden loves going out on the boat. He asks all summer "when can we go out on grandma and grandpa's boat again". This was Hailey first time and she did pretty good. She didn't really like wearing the life jacket but other than that she loved watching the water and other boats.
When we got to the island we rented a golf cart and road around on it for about 3 1/2 hours, stoppping at parks and and the beach and just enjoying the nice weather. Both kids ended up falling asleep on the golf cart! (of course the only time they nap were out somewhere and we can't nap with them) We stopped and ate and got ice cream (double chocolate- it was so good) and just really relaxed.

Caiden had a blast at the beach but i couldn't help but feel uneasy all day being out on and by the water after hearing about little Hannah's horrible accident. Although i've never met her and have hardley ever read there blog I can't get her out of my head. I think about her nonstop and just pray that her family is doing okay. I couldn't even begin to image the pain they are going through. It really makes me realize how fragile life is and to cherish EVERY moment you have with your children because you never what what tomorrow will bring.

Sunday, July 22, 2007

Just Needed To Vent!

You know what bothers me more than anything? The image that some people have of stay at home moms. They think that because we don't work a 9-5 job and get paid for what we do that we just sit around all day, relaxing and being lazy.
Yes i will admit I do not work an 8 or even a 12 hour day, i am usually up by 8:30am and don't get the last child to bed until 10:3opm so right there is a 14 hour day, non stop, no breaktime no interacting with other adults just me and my children the whole day. This does not include if they wake up in the middle of the night or anything else. So on an average week i spend 95 hours working at my job, should i get paid? yes more than anyone i know, but thats not how it works, my pay comes from my children having a safe and happy childhood that they will remember for the rest of there lives and them knowing that there mother loves them more than anything and has willingly given up her life for theirs.
I don't ever put anyone down who goes out of there house and works, i know that they also are doing it to provide for there family. But to turn around and pass judgment on something you have no idea about just shows that i may be able to go out tomorrow and get a job like them but they could never do mine!


I think Hailey has hit the terrible two's (but in her case the terrible one's!) She is still my sweet little girl but now with a major attiutude!

She has started walking really good now so she never likes to be held. She can walk from one end of the room to another without stopping and when she falls down she stands herself right back up. So now she thinks she can do anything she wants, her new favorite is climbing the stair. She can get all the way to the top in about 10 seconds. We have a gate at the bottom but because of the way our stairs are it doesn't stay up too well and she has learned how to crawl up on it knock it down and climb up the stairs, she is such a monkey!

She has also started throwing tantrums! If she doesn't get what she wants she throws herself back, no matter where she is, thankfully i've always been there to catch her. Our biggest fight lately has been kepping her in her car seat. We buckle her in the right way and she starts by putting her arms through the straps, then her legs and then turns herself around and stands up. We have tried everything to keep her in there. I guess we'll have to think of something else. She is way to smart for her age! (i think i may have trouble with this one!)

Caiden has been acting a little different also. He has always been such a good big brother and still is but he has started acting jealous and has been acting out for attention. I think it may have to do with Hailey's first birthday and all the attention being on her but lately he takes her toys, holds her down when she is trying to walk or crawl and has been so emotional. He crys about everything. I think that Brad and I just need to spend more one on one time with him maybe let grandma watch Hailey more and do things with just caiden. Since she has been born we have done that only 3 times! Were going to try this and hopefully that will give him what he needs. We hate seeing him sad or feeling like something is wrong with him.

Well were off to the park (our daily visit) but here are some pictures of me and the kids yesterday playing

Thursday, July 19, 2007

I signed up for PPP!

I have just recentley signed up and have been approved for PayPerPost. I am always looking for new things to post about and this is the perfect way to do it plus promote and let everyone know about new items and interesting facts. Also being a stay at home mom I could really use the extra money that this will bring into our houshold.
There are many choices when it comes to choosing what you want to write about so you can actually choose one that you have experienced or that you can really relate to. This is one of the things that I really like about PayPerPost, I feel that when I'm reading something that someone had written they are giving the real facts about it and not just doing it to get paid.
I heard about this though other blogs and from a couple of my friends who do this.
With the money that I get from doing this I plan on spending it online:-) There are so many cute things for my children that I've seen lately and now I will be able to get them with my own money!!!
I highly recommend for anyone to take advantage of such a fun and easy opportunity!
Just click on blog ethics to find out more on how you can become a part of PayPerPost.

Tuesday, July 17, 2007


Andrea is having a contest giving away Skidpants by Dittany Baby

These are adorable baby legging that are longer than most other leggings. They come in two different fabrics, a cotton fabric that's thicker and a lightweight fabric that is better for warmer weather. They are one size fits all and can be worn from about 6 months to 2 years old.

All you have to do to enter is head over to Andrea's blog sign the Mr linky, post about the contest and the Dittany Baby site and let everyone know your favorite pair of skidpants. You must enter by this friday to win. Good luck.

See how cute these are...

I love this pick and white pair, it would match with so many of Hailey's outfits.

The other kind i would want would be the solid white. I know it's kinda plain but it would go with anything.

Monday, July 16, 2007

Tagged~ Meme

I was tagged by Elizabeth to do a one word meme which basically mean everything about me.
So here it is...

1. Where is your cell phone? Kitchen.
2. Relationship? Happy.
3. Your hair? Dirty.
4. Work? Kids.
5. Your sister? Whichone.
6. Your favorite thing? Kids.
7. Your dream last night? dontremember.
8. Your favorite drink? Diet.
9. Your dream car? ?
10. The room you’re in?Office.
11. Your shoes? Barefoot.
12. Your fears? Dying.
13. What do you want to be in 10 years? Happy.
14. Who did you hang out with this weekend? Family.
15. What are you not good at? Cooking.
16. Muffin? Blueberry.
17. One of your wish list items? Money.
18. Where you grew up? Ohio.
19. Last thing you did? T.V.
20. What are you wearing? Shorts.
21. What aren’t you wearing? Socks.
22. Your pet? None.
23. Your computer? Old.
24. Your life? Content.
25. Your mood? Relaxed.
26. Missing? Memory.
27. What are you thinking about right now? Sleep
28. Your car? Ecape.
29. Your kitchen? Dirty.
.30. Your summer? Warm.
31. Your favorite color? Green.
32. Last time you laughed? Today.
33. Last time you cried? Lastweek.
34. School? Out.
35. Love? Brad

Sunday, July 15, 2007

Hailey's 1!!!

Friday was Hailey's first birthday!!!

We can't believe that a whole year has already passed since she was born. It doesn't seem that long ago that i took this picture...

Look how tiny and precious she looked! Now if she's in that seat i can't get the snaps to fit around her!

We had a fun weekend, friday we took Hailey out to eat for her birthday, she got a banana pie dessert and ate almost the whole thing. Saturday we had her party out at my moms house. We had about 50 people show up. Andrea and her little boy Taite were able to come, they are visiting this weekend from NC, it was really nice to see her again. (Caleb was napping so he wasn't able to come). Sunday we went to Andrea and Travis' old church were Travis was the youth pastor, they had a huge celebration for i think there 50th anniversary. Ther was all kinds of things for the kids to do, jumpy things, rock climbing walls, cotton candy, sno-cones - Caiden loved it. Andrea let me wear Hailey in her Mei Tai (i think) It was SO nice. Hailey always needs to be held and it was nice to be able to hold her and still do what i needed to do, i'll have to get that picture from Andrea i forgot to get one with my camera.

Hailey's party went really good and she seemed to have a good time. Caiden helped her blow out her candle and then she dove into her cake. We got her her own individual little cake and let her do what she wanted with it, by the time she was done she had more up her nose and in her eyes than in her mouth, but it was cute!

I made one slideshow for the whole weekend.

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Meant For Each Other

I took this quiz today to find out the name of my true love and I couldn't believe what it said...

Your True Love's Name Is

Bradley F.
My husbands name is Bradley D. It's not exactley the same but close enough. All i did was type in my name and that my that my true love should be a male and that is what it gave me. I thought that was pretty cool! We must be meant for each other!

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Monday Memories

Hailey's first steps!!!

She took her first steps friday! I was holding her up and she kept acting like she was trying to move her feet so i let her go and she took 2 steps, later I had Caiden sit in front of her and hold his hands out to her and she took 6 steps to him! She seems to take more steps when she is walking to Caiden. He gets a kick out of that.

She's still pretty wobbley but she'll just keep standing herself back up, she gets so excited that it makes it hard for her to keep going.

I can't believe my baby is already walking!!!

Thursday, July 5, 2007

Happy 4th of July

I hope everyone had a good 4th of July. I know we did!

Caiden was on a float in the parade this year. He loved it, his favorite part was throwing the candy to everyone! He was on the float with all of his cousins (well actually my cousins but there closer to his age) Here is a picture of all of them, the two girls on both ends of the top row are my twin sisters.

The girls on the left end of the bottom row are twins too! They run in my family, there are 2 more sets of twins but they couldn't make it.

After the parade we all went back to my aunt house and went swimming and had a cookout. I think i'm still in a food coma from all the food there! Caiden wore himself out swimming and had to show EVERYONE there how he can dive now. He had fun.

This was Hailey's first time watching the fireworks and i couldn't believe how much she liked them. I remember Caidens first year we had to leave the area because he was so scared of them, but she was pointing to them and clapping and smiling, i caught her expression during the grand final...

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Isn't that adorable. She was so good all day and even took a 2 hour nap (i couldn't believe it, i had to keep checking her to make sure she was okay)

I hope my children remember these childhood memories forever!

Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Monday Memories (that I don't want to remember)

My monday memory is one that i don't want to remember forever. As a parent i know that my children will fall down and get hurt at some point in their life but i'm never ready when it happens, i don't think anyone really is.

We were playing around the house all day monday just relaxing, having fun, it was 2:00 in the afternoon and we still hadn't changed out of our p.j's. (i know pretty lazy)
Caiden has a power wheels escalade that we had in our kitchen. Hailey loves playing in it, I told my husband just the night before that i didn't want her in it, i was afraid she would fall but what do i do, i let her play in it. She was having so much fun, pretending to drive, dancing to the music and then the side door popped open and she fell out strait on her forehead.

It was one of those times where everything happens in slow motion, you try to get there as fast as you can but just miss. I picked her up and she was screaming so bad within the first 2 minutes she vomitted twice. I was freaking out, i called the doctor and asked what to do and they told me to bring her in right away (vomitting after a head injury can be a concussion)

Thankfully she was okay, the doctor said she looked alright just to watch her very closely for the next 24 hours and to wake her every 2 hours a nap time and throughout the night (if only he knew my child does not nap or sleep well at night anyways)

Today she is so much better, playing like her normal self, I know that accidents happen but i still fell horrible for being right there and not being able to stop this.

It really doesn't look as bad as it sounds, the swelling has went down already.