Sunday, July 15, 2007

Hailey's 1!!!

Friday was Hailey's first birthday!!!

We can't believe that a whole year has already passed since she was born. It doesn't seem that long ago that i took this picture...

Look how tiny and precious she looked! Now if she's in that seat i can't get the snaps to fit around her!

We had a fun weekend, friday we took Hailey out to eat for her birthday, she got a banana pie dessert and ate almost the whole thing. Saturday we had her party out at my moms house. We had about 50 people show up. Andrea and her little boy Taite were able to come, they are visiting this weekend from NC, it was really nice to see her again. (Caleb was napping so he wasn't able to come). Sunday we went to Andrea and Travis' old church were Travis was the youth pastor, they had a huge celebration for i think there 50th anniversary. Ther was all kinds of things for the kids to do, jumpy things, rock climbing walls, cotton candy, sno-cones - Caiden loved it. Andrea let me wear Hailey in her Mei Tai (i think) It was SO nice. Hailey always needs to be held and it was nice to be able to hold her and still do what i needed to do, i'll have to get that picture from Andrea i forgot to get one with my camera.

Hailey's party went really good and she seemed to have a good time. Caiden helped her blow out her candle and then she dove into her cake. We got her her own individual little cake and let her do what she wanted with it, by the time she was done she had more up her nose and in her eyes than in her mouth, but it was cute!

I made one slideshow for the whole weekend.


Anonymous said...

What a great slideshow you made! You look great btw. Looks like Hailey enjoyed her birthday cake! Happy Birthday Hailey!! She was so tiny when she was much did she weigh?

Kell Rees said...

she weighed 7lb 6 oz and was 20 1/2 inches (i had to think about that for a minute, i was getting hers mixed up with caidens)

mAsOn & tErrI's mOm said...
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mAsOn & tErrI's mOm said...

SORRY I messed up my last comment... least she got to enjoy her birthday! (Terri slept thru most of hers!) I love the baby legs! I HAVE GOT to get some for winter! :-D

I was going to get her a POOH out fit but I thought bright pink would look cute on her! Terri has the same one I think.

7lbs? wow widdle! Mason was 7 5oz and Terri (HOSS) was 9lbs14oz!!! YIKES!

I "tagged" U!! :-D!! (last Wed.)

BTW. . .you looked great in the pictures,,,how does Caiden like his widdle sister walking now?

Kell Rees said...

thanks so much for the outfit, it is adorable, i saw that you tagged me yesterday, it's been a busy weekend and i've been slow at getting things done but i'll do that this evening if you want to check back later.
Caiden loves that hailey is walking! She loves walking to him so it makes him feel special!!!
Has Terri taken any steps yet?

Drea said...

Its crazy how fast they grow. I'll try and email you the photos I took.. if the files are to big though ill snail mail you a CD, k?

Was so nice seeing you. Im sorry we didnt get to see you monday. we were really way busy packing... I didnt even have time to call! :-(
The baby legs look so cute on her :-)

Gtg! Oh and you should seriously think about going to Providence... we miss that church dearly.. Im as close to some of those people as I am my own family... a church family is such a blessing... I hope you and the kiddos go.. and maybe even Brad! :-D

Thanks for letting us use your carseat! that was a huge help!

pinks & blues girls said...

Happy birthday, Hailey! Looks like a wonderful birthday party! Good thing you took her shirt off! I wish I could dive into chocolate cake like that, too! :)

Jane, P&B Girls

erin said...

awesome slideshow!! wow they grow fast hey?