Saturday, February 25, 2012

~6 Years~

6 years ago today I said I do...

those two words changed my life forever! Happy Anniversary to the greatest guy that I am lucky enough to spend the rest of my life with♥ 
                                              ~ I love you with all my heart~

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

My Littlest Valentine


February 14 2012


she was very proud of the card holder box that me and her made together to take to school today for her party too

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Leading by example

I overheard Brad and Caiden talking yesterday and Brad was telling him that he was taking me out on a date for valentines day because that is what you do for your wife when you grow up, he told him even though your married you still go on dates and tell her how beautiful she is...i only hope he watches and takes Brads advice because someday he may make his wife as happy as Brad has made me♥

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Bellevue Wrestling Tournament

Caiden placed 2nd today at our bellevue tournament. He went 2-1 with 2 pins. He wrestled his but off and fought hard. He pinned the first two kids he wrestled and then for the championship match he ended up having to wrestle a kid who was like 40-0! and he hung in with him all three round but still lost. Win or lose he wrestled hard and was in it to win it today and it showed. He had alot of family members there cheering him on today and we are all so proud of how far he has come with wrestling this year. Keep up the hard work bub:)

                                                    Team Photo 2011-2012 wrestling season

                                     Grandma Rees made it to almost every tournament this year,
                                                  Thank you grandma for all your support♥

                                                         Love that confident smile

Friday, February 10, 2012


Caiden has had an amazing wrestling season so far this year and just to add to add the trophy's and pins so far he has now made it to state. So while most other kids are ending their season and practices for the year Caiden along with 11 other Team Ray boys are kicking it up a notch and getting ready for the state tournament.

                                                                   State Bound Boys

These boys are gonna flex some muscle at state this year:)
I love that they can be so focused and determined but also still know how to have fun with this sport, because it can be a tough one emotionally and physically.

My Stud!!!
I hope he knows how proud of him we are for making it this far, it's a huge accomplishment and not many 9 year old boys can say they've been to a state tournament...but Caiden can;)