Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Merry Christmas


Christmas morning as a parent is so magical! Watching my children get all excited running down the stairs to see if santa came and just watching the joy it brings them.  Both kids are getting older and i'm not sure how much longer Caiden will believe in the magic of christmas but until then we will cherish every year that they both do.

Every year we do 1 big present for each kid and then ALOT of smaller ones. We keep saying we are going to downsize but that never happens, even after we say were done we always seem to find just one more thing that we know they will love:)
This year Caidens big present was his Ipod touch and Hailey's was a Leap Pad. Hailey really wanted the ipod too but we think she's still alittle too young for it and her leap pad is more about learning games. We usually have a really busy christmas morning but this year we got to relax alittle and let the kids play for awhile at home...our christmas day schedule is, open presents at our house, then go to my dads, then Brads parents, then my moms and last my grandma Daniels. Lots of places, lots of presents:)

Kids with all that santa brought to our house...they must've been good;)

                                            Caiden with his Ipod and Hay with her baby alive

                                 Looking way too grown up this them so much

                                                    Brad with the kids on christmas morning

                                                    Christmas morning with my babies!

Merry Christmas Love the Rees'

                                        ...and of course had to end with one of Hay's faces:)

Monday, December 26, 2011

Waiting for Santa....

Today is Christmas eve....the kids are so excited but holidays for us get pretty busy so they have alot to do to keep themselves busy till tomorrow morning. Our morning is usually spent cooking and wrapping presents for the evening family parties we go to. This year we went to Grandma Berger's first for Brads side of the family and then we went out to my moms for her family's side christmas. I love Christmas time and I love that we still celebrate it with the whole family (aunts uncles cousins etc)  Both of my grandparents passed away a couple years ago and I thought once they did our big family holidays would come to an end but so far everyone has carried on the tradition:)

                                            Relaxing before the crazy adult drawing starts

                                      Oh how i love Hailey's faces, she can always make me laugh

                                           Waiting very patiently to open their gifts

                                          Caiden wanted in on the pictures me and aunt Holly

                                                                    Love him

Every year on the way home the kids look out the car window and try to see santa's sleigh, i remember doing the same thing when i was little, funny how some things never change:)

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Hunting Season

Grandpa Daniel bought Caiden his first gun this past year and the boys are going to go try it out for youth hunting week...Good luck, dont shoot bambi's mom...

Hailey really wanted to go too, but that girl talks more than her dad (which is ALOT) so I dont think caiden would appreciate her scaring all the deer away lol

                                                              Heading out to the woods

Sunday, December 18, 2011

My little grappler

Wrestling season has started our scedules for the next 4 months are going to be pretty busy. Caiden practices 3-4 nights a week and usually does a tournament every weekend. We were alittle worried going into this year because caiden is up in division 2 and is in tough weight group almost everywhere we go. Thats doesnt seem to be stopping him though. Caidens determination and skill has blown us out of the water this year. We are so proud of him... heres some of my favorites so far

                                                                      2nd place trophy

Collin, Jayden, Preston, Justin, Caiden and Keegan

                                             Wrestling a teammate for 1st place...and he won!!

                                   The D2 70# champ...and his biggest fan after his first first place of the year

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Merry Early Christmas...TO ME!!!

If i haven't already mentioned how AMAZING my husband is well then just take a look at this...........
                                              EARLY CHRISTMAS PRESENT

Brand new 2012 Ford Explorer. I have been wanting one of these ever since i saw the first commercial showing the new design. I couldn't be more happier right now and love love love him just alittle extra today:)

Merry Early Christmas...TO ME!!!

If I haven't already mentioned how great my husband is then all i have to say is
                                         EARLY CHRISTMAS PRESENT!!!

Brand New 2012 Ford Explorer:-)
I have been wanting one of these every since i first saw the new design on last years 2011 model.  We went to Caranfa ford the other day to look at some of their end of year specials since we are looking to trade Brads charger in and this is what we ended up getting. I love that it has third row seating, I know that with 2 kids it may not be necessary to have that extra row but i feel that this is a vehicle that we will never outgrow. The kids are only going to be getting bigger and older and have more friends and sporting events that more seats and luggage room will be required. I absolutely love my christmas gift but brad has now set the bar VERY high...i wonder what ill get next;)