Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Merry Early Christmas...TO ME!!!

If I haven't already mentioned how great my husband is then all i have to say is
                                         EARLY CHRISTMAS PRESENT!!!

Brand New 2012 Ford Explorer:-)
I have been wanting one of these every since i first saw the new design on last years 2011 model.  We went to Caranfa ford the other day to look at some of their end of year specials since we are looking to trade Brads charger in and this is what we ended up getting. I love that it has third row seating, I know that with 2 kids it may not be necessary to have that extra row but i feel that this is a vehicle that we will never outgrow. The kids are only going to be getting bigger and older and have more friends and sporting events that more seats and luggage room will be required. I absolutely love my christmas gift but brad has now set the bar VERY high...i wonder what ill get next year...lol;)

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