Monday, December 26, 2011

Waiting for Santa....

Today is Christmas eve....the kids are so excited but holidays for us get pretty busy so they have alot to do to keep themselves busy till tomorrow morning. Our morning is usually spent cooking and wrapping presents for the evening family parties we go to. This year we went to Grandma Berger's first for Brads side of the family and then we went out to my moms for her family's side christmas. I love Christmas time and I love that we still celebrate it with the whole family (aunts uncles cousins etc)  Both of my grandparents passed away a couple years ago and I thought once they did our big family holidays would come to an end but so far everyone has carried on the tradition:)

                                            Relaxing before the crazy adult drawing starts

                                      Oh how i love Hailey's faces, she can always make me laugh

                                           Waiting very patiently to open their gifts

                                          Caiden wanted in on the pictures me and aunt Holly

                                                                    Love him

Every year on the way home the kids look out the car window and try to see santa's sleigh, i remember doing the same thing when i was little, funny how some things never change:)

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