Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Merry Christmas


Christmas morning as a parent is so magical! Watching my children get all excited running down the stairs to see if santa came and just watching the joy it brings them.  Both kids are getting older and i'm not sure how much longer Caiden will believe in the magic of christmas but until then we will cherish every year that they both do.

Every year we do 1 big present for each kid and then ALOT of smaller ones. We keep saying we are going to downsize but that never happens, even after we say were done we always seem to find just one more thing that we know they will love:)
This year Caidens big present was his Ipod touch and Hailey's was a Leap Pad. Hailey really wanted the ipod too but we think she's still alittle too young for it and her leap pad is more about learning games. We usually have a really busy christmas morning but this year we got to relax alittle and let the kids play for awhile at home...our christmas day schedule is, open presents at our house, then go to my dads, then Brads parents, then my moms and last my grandma Daniels. Lots of places, lots of presents:)

Kids with all that santa brought to our house...they must've been good;)

                                            Caiden with his Ipod and Hay with her baby alive

                                 Looking way too grown up this them so much

                                                    Brad with the kids on christmas morning

                                                    Christmas morning with my babies!

Merry Christmas Love the Rees'

                                        ...and of course had to end with one of Hay's faces:)

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