Friday, August 26, 2011

Word cant decribe how much i love them

Scary storm!

Wednesday night we had a bad storm go through our neighborhood, not sure if there labeling it a tornado or not but it definately wasnt just winds. I woke up at 11:30 because of the thunder and came downstairs to turn on tv and make sure nothing serious was heading our way, went in the kitchen and was looking out the window, it was raining wind blowing alittle, nothing too serious....then all the sudden it sounded like a semi was in our backyard, i heard metal crashing and trees thudding to the ground, our windows started shaking, ive never been so scared all i could think was the tornado is here in my backyard and my whole family is sleeping upstairs. I ran up the stairs yelling for brad to help me grab the kids, we were downstairs in about 5 seconds, the whole way running down there the wind was shaking our windows and doors, it was crazy.

Once we realized the worst was over we went upstairs to see what the damage was...

Our tree infront of our house

the kids swingset

Smashed fence

Our trampoline in the neighbors pool!

Our kids are not very happy right now, they absolutly love their trampoline, play on it just about everyday, the swingset can be saved the tree took out the one side of it but im sure brad can fix that. So thankful that tree out front fell to the road and not on our house, ive always worried about that since caidens bedroom is where it would fall, instead it fell on a truck on the other side of the street, trucks can be fixed much easier than children. We have alot of cleanup to do but in the end am very thankful that i have my family unharmed and our house is still standing:)

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

1st Day of 3rd Grade!

Today was caidens first day of 3rd does time go so fast??? I still remember picking him up from his last day of school last school year and telling him how many day of summer vacation he had, i just cant believe summer is really over:(

He looked so handsome today, so old...

Even though Hailey and Caiden fight most days like normal brothers and sisters do, she was very sad for him to leave this morning and he was very comforting to her, telling her that he wont be gone for that long and that she can have a couple pieces of his candy if shes feeling sad. My kids can be soo sweet sometimes to each other, they are both very protective of each other and always care if the other one is upset. They make me smile everyday:)

Hailey starts school in 2 weeks so i still have alittle summer left with her, i think me and her are going to go get our nails done together here soon, shes such a girly girl and will love it.

I feel kinda bad this week...I have to work a couple extra days because of parties going on at my work so i will be gone alot this week. I had to miss Caidens open house on monday and i knew how upset he was over that, then I had to work last night so i wasnt home to get him ready for his day before stuff but i did get to take him this morning and spend some time with him before school. I like my job, i make good money and dont have to work a full time hours, but during the school year it becomes harder because i leave for work at 4:30 and caiden doesnt get home till 3:50. So on days i work i dont see him much....the good thing about it is I think im going to be telling my boss that im cutting back on my days, usually i work 4 days a week but this year i may go down to 2!! Now that Brad is set up at his job and he has a very good job its going to allow me to be home with my kids more, which in the end is what i would much rather do. Our house runs much smoother when im home more to take care of things.

Well only 6 1/2 more hours till Hailey and I go meet Caiden at the bus stop lol...going to enjoy the rest of summer with Hailey now:) Which by the way once we got back from droppign caiden off was very excited to be able to watch anything that she wanted and not having to share the TV with her brother, its funny how quick she goes from crying to kinda seeing the upside of being the only kid home!

Thursday, August 18, 2011

I have not posted anything in 2 years, working sports and just my crazy schedules sometimes has taken me away from spending time posting on here. My husband and I were going through all my old post last night and i realized how important it was for me to keep up with my blog. There are so many memories that i have already forgotten and by looking back at all my previous posts i was reminded of them again. I want to remember it all and show my kids later in life what they did, what they looked like and help them remember their childhood my promise to my children is to keep up with this and give them something to remember years from now:)

Caiden is now 8 and is going into 3rd grade this year, my little boy is growing up too fast on me. He hit a major growth spurt this year, this is his before and after 2nd grade pics, the one on the right is the 1st day of second grade and the left is last day of second grade

He plays sports just about year round now, he's very big into wrestling, football and baseball. This weekend starts fall ball, its double headers every saturday, football starts soon too. I really hope that his love for sports always stays with him! It keeps us very busy and can sometimes be too hectic but i wouldnt have it any other way:)

Caiden getting ready to slide into home...SAFE!!!

Hailey is now 5 and will be going to Pre-K this year, its a class inbetween preschool and kindergarden, basically for kids who are 5 and could go to kindergarden but are a very young 5. She turned 5 last month and we went back and forth for a long time on whether to send her or not and decided to wait one more year, if we sent her she would be the youngest in her class gradutating at 17. I guess its just one more year to keep her with me<3

This is Hailey picture of 1st day and last day of preschool, shes growing up so fast that sometimes it makes me want another one...just sometimes:)

Hailey is all girl...everything i was ever warned about and we love everything about her, she loves to dress up and have her hair makeup and nails done but on the other hand she sreams crys and fights for just about everything she wants...and then usually gets her way! Shes such a combination of me and her dad that it makes us laugh and were usually blaming the other..."she gets that from you". She has such a strong personality that i hope stays with her for life, she knows what she wants and will do anything to get it. Shes one part ornry and the other part sweet!!! Always telling everyone how much she loves them and giving her last piece of candy just to make someone else happy, always apologizing when shes done something wrong and caring about us when she thinks were sad, she truely is our little princess!

She will be starting dance this year so there will be many updates to come with that, shes going to love it!

Brad and I just celebrated our 6th anniversary! We have been together for 8 years now and i can honestly say that we are more happy now than we have ever been. We bought a home 3 years ago and are enjoying remodeling it (slowly) and raising our kids together. Brad is now working at the railroad, he's an electrician and he's finally on days...for awhile at least. It's so nice having him home at night now after being on nights for the past 5 years. Im still working part time at a country club, just 3 nights a week, its plenty for me the kids keep me busy enough here at home. We are just enjoying life right now, spending as much time as we can with our kids and each other. Every so often we get our dates night, we love going to the winery and just getting to spend time some quiet relaxing time together. Hopefully theres many more date nights to come:)