Friday, August 26, 2011

Scary storm!

Wednesday night we had a bad storm go through our neighborhood, not sure if there labeling it a tornado or not but it definately wasnt just winds. I woke up at 11:30 because of the thunder and came downstairs to turn on tv and make sure nothing serious was heading our way, went in the kitchen and was looking out the window, it was raining wind blowing alittle, nothing too serious....then all the sudden it sounded like a semi was in our backyard, i heard metal crashing and trees thudding to the ground, our windows started shaking, ive never been so scared all i could think was the tornado is here in my backyard and my whole family is sleeping upstairs. I ran up the stairs yelling for brad to help me grab the kids, we were downstairs in about 5 seconds, the whole way running down there the wind was shaking our windows and doors, it was crazy.

Once we realized the worst was over we went upstairs to see what the damage was...

Our tree infront of our house

the kids swingset

Smashed fence

Our trampoline in the neighbors pool!

Our kids are not very happy right now, they absolutly love their trampoline, play on it just about everyday, the swingset can be saved the tree took out the one side of it but im sure brad can fix that. So thankful that tree out front fell to the road and not on our house, ive always worried about that since caidens bedroom is where it would fall, instead it fell on a truck on the other side of the street, trucks can be fixed much easier than children. We have alot of cleanup to do but in the end am very thankful that i have my family unharmed and our house is still standing:)

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