Saturday, August 18, 2007

The Fair

I used to love going to the fair every year. I don't know if I just got older or if they just aren't as good as they used to be. You have to pay 7 dollars per person to get in, even if your not riding anything! I can understand paying that for the rides but not to walk around and look at animals.

I took the kids this past week. Neither of them really liked it. Hailey is just at that age where she wants her freedom, not the stroller and Caiden says the kiddy rides are too "baby" for him. (When did my little boy stop being my baby?) and hes still too small to the ride the big rides.

I'm not a big fan of fair rides anyways, they don't look very safe.

So we spent most of our time in the animal barns. That was the one things both the kids really liked. We went through every barn there and through the pony and horse barns twice. Caiden had to try and pet every horse, Hailey even got to pet a couple.

I'm always nervous letting him pet the animals, you never know when they might bite. They both really liked the goats too. (the goats and the horses were the least smelly)

Caiden was so funny. When looking at the cows he asked what that thing was that was hanging between their legs so i told him thats where our milk came from, he was kinda discusted by that, then he was asking what else we use animals for so i told him where we got hamburger and chicken and ham. If only i could have taken a picture of his face. I hope i didn't turn him into a vegaterian!!!

He did end up riding all the rides once, after waiting ten minutes in each line and then only to have him stare at me while on the ride telling me how slow they were going. He found one good thing about one of the rides though. He turned the handle bars into guns (he loves guns everywhere we go he thinks he needs to get a new one)

I finally let Hailey out of her stroller to walk around alittle. She really wanted to ride with Caiden but I know her too well. She would never stay sitting in the seat, halfway through the ride we would have to stop it to get her out. But she had fun just walking around.

Yes she is sticking her tounge out at me, that is her new thing she does!

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Pinks & Blues said...

Oh, I love the hamburger, chicken and ham explanation! And I agree about the rides... we were at a pretty big fair recently when one of the horses fell (yes, fell!) off the kiddie carousel, pole and all. It was crowded too, but thank God a child was not on that particular horse. And they didn't close down the ride... just removed the "dead" horse. Of course my grandkids were crying to get back on. No way! Gotta' be so careful these days!
Sharon - Pinks & Blues