Thursday, May 10, 2007

Messy Girl & Tired Boy

Hailey has really found her personality and determination these last 2 months. When she gets her mind set on something, nothing will stand in her way.

Today she decided to set her mind on feeding herself! It didn't go too well.

As you can see she got more food in her lap than in her mouth.

I tried to help her use a spoon but she thought her fingers worked better!

So we went strait from her high chair to the tub!

Hopefully she waits awhile until she wants to try this again!

Meanwhile while she's making a mess her big brother is sick again:( We all just keep passing this back to each other. Caiden hasn't napped in over a year so when he falls asleep like this. i know he's sick.

This happens every year when the weather changes and hoefully it will be gone by morning. I hate when the kids get sick cause I want to make them better but theres only so much i can do.


Summer said...

It's so cute when little ones try to feed themselves. they get so determined that they don't want any help. Hope your boy is feeling better soon. Cute pictures

Kell Rees said...

Thanks, when he woke up from his nap he said that he was already feeling better!

Drea said...

wow he must of been tired, he looks swamped! poor Caiden. Hailey looks a lot like Caiden I think. I cant tell if she looks like you or brad though... what do you think ? ur so good at blogging now!

erin said...

hope your boy feels better today. Hailey sure is a cutie!

Adventures In Babywearing said...

Your little ones are adorable- and I hope Caiden is ok!! That nap looks like bliss actually!


Dana said...

I hope everyone is better soon! Wouldn't want anyone sick on Mothers's Day.

Drea said...

I saw ur breastfeeding ticket. WOO HOO u rock!

kerdog said...

i like your baby bath seat. Where did you get it? I'm looking for something like that!!