Monday, May 14, 2007

A Beautiful Mothers Day Weekend!

We had a busy weekend. We celebrated mothers day on saturday (sunday is always too busy with us trying to see our moms) Brad and the kids took me shopping out of town to buy me some new summer outfits- a perfect gift for me, since having children I tend to go without, which i'm sure every mother can relate! So the only time i get new clothes is when someone gives me a giftcard or buys them for me. When we got to the mall, Brad took the kids to the play area and let me shop on my own. When i was finished i called his phone so he could come pay:)

It was very relaxing not having to try on my clothes with a stroller in the fitting room and a little boy trying to climb under the door!

At the mall they had these cool tramopline things that caiden jumped on, he loved it

Then they took me out to my favorite resturant- Carrabbas. The food there is so good.
he next day we went to church with my mom (it really means alot to her to have her daughters there in church with her) and then out to my grandmas and finally to Brad's moms.
Of course i forgot my camera at home the whole day so i have no cute mothers day pics to share.
i had a very good Mothers Day thanks to my husband, who is always doing his best to make me happy and feel so loved on special days (and regular days too) and to my children who i wouldn't be celebrating Mothers day if it weren't for them. My husband and children are the joy in my life and and I hope they know how much I love them!


Dana said...

Glad you had a good Mother's Day weekend! That trampoline looks like fun!

Haley-O said...

I'm sure they know how much you love them! Just listen to you! It's in your every word. :) Happy Mother's Day! Soooo nice that you got new clothes!!!

Summer said...

That is wonderful that you had a good Mother's Day

Drea said...

Those things are scary! I did one when I was ilke 19... Caiden is fearless!!!