Monday, May 28, 2007

Getting Some Hair :-)/Sleepover!

For the first 8 months Hailey has been practically bald, but these last 3 months her hair has grown so much. I've always wanted a little girl so I could dress her in pretty dresses and do her hair, well it's not much but it's finally long enough that i could put it in a little ponytail (and believe me, she wasn't too pleased!) Even though it's sticking strait up, I think it's adorable!

And look at those chub rolls! I love them!!! She's such a good and happy baby.

Caiden had his very first sleepover saturday night!

Before i had Hailey i worked at olive garden as a full time waitress, one of my close friends through there Karla, has a little boy Caiden's age, Jude. They are both 4 years old and have been friends for about 2 years now. We used to meet once a week at the mall or at a resturant and let the boys play and run wild together. The boys haven't got to spend much time together lately, Karla just had a little girl 9 days ago so it's been hard for her to get out. ( i think we can all relate to that)

I decided to give her a break for the evening and have Jude stay at our house. The boys were so good. They played all night and all the next day without fighting at all, inspite of how tired and exausted they were. They didn't end up going to bed until 12:30 and woke up the next morning at 8:00.

We ordered pizza, made cookies, played outside and did all the fun things little boys do. Here is a picture of the boys

Isn't Jude huge! Him and Caiden are only 5 months apart. He looks like he is 6 years old. I couldn't believe it the first time i saw him. Caiden isn't small for his age, he's pretty average. Jude is the sweetest boy, very well mannered and behaved. We'll have to let Caiden do this more often.
*note to anyone who hasn't went through sleepovers yet- be prepared for a very cranky, whinny child the next evening. Caiden was so tired he would just start crying for no reason. The upside- early bedtime that night!


Kerry said...

Her ponytail is adorable! And I love the cute! My first was a long, skinny baby but my 2nd has been a chunky monkey. I love the chunks!! hehe

Drea said...

wow that kid is big! lol.. thats so funny. Caleb is the same size as my friend Elizabeths 4 yr. old.. Her son actually wore one of Calebs shirts the other day LOL.

Oh and I will take your photos if you want when I come this summer ok? Just make sure BRAD can work it into his schedule. We can do the shoot any place.. The Holy Shrine may work great! Or even the park. Let me know

erin said...

I LOVE her ponytail!!

mAsOn & tErrI's mOm said...

She is such a butterball!! How adorable!!

Terri never had much hair until recently she just got a "spurt". But there is a store right down the street from my house that sells these (so so sweet) hair bows for $3.00 a piece. If you want I will send you one to see if she will keep them in and you can let me know what color, ect. They have a soft almost spongy like material inside to clamp the hair without slipping. Let me know what color!

Andrea said...

Okay...that's officially the cutest ponytail ever! hehe :)

Dana said...

Oh, I wish I could have warned you about the day after!