Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Mom & Me Day

Today at Caiden's school was mom and me day. It was a day for all of the moms to come in and check out the classroom and everything that the kids do at school.

Caiden was so excited to have me there. He couldn't show me everything fast enough! He showed me his art room, snack room, chapel (He goes to a christian preschool) and the playground.

He has made so many friends at school. That's why i worry so much about what the world is coming to when it comes to school shootings and everything else that is going on nowadays. Although i miss him when he's gone, i think that he really needs this time to interact with children his own age and to hear authority from someone other than his parents. School has really helped his listening and learning here at home. i will have no problem home schooling my children if that's what i feel is necessary but i don't want him to miss out on the friendships that can be made through school.

This is one of his friends, cody and cody's sister paige. Caiden calls him code-man!

He seems to really like school and has already learned so much. He can write his first and last name, knows how to count to 30 and can say his ABC's. It's almost hard to believe that he is already just about finished with his first year. Time flys by so fast!


Adventures In Babywearing said...

Time does fly- and that's pretty impressive the skills he has already just in preschool!


Andrea said...'s so fun when kids are SO excited to show you "their space"!! Sounds like Caiden is having a blast at the preschool! :)

Drea said...

it makes me sad sometimes 2 think that Caleb in two years or so will be school age... :-( it does go by to fast!! Caiden really looks like he is having fun.

Summer said...

That is so great that you had a Mom and me day, and that your boy was excited to show you his stuff.

erin said...

that is such a neat idea! i wish Aidan's preschool had a mom and me day