Monday, May 21, 2007

Monday Memories

The kids woke up bright and early this morning (about 7:30) i know that probably doesn't sound too early but when I NEVER get to sleep through the night anymore, everything is early to me. Other than being tired morning is my favorite time to spend with my kids. They are so loving and cuddly in the morning. We usually lay around on the couch together for a good hour before we really get started with our day.
Today Caiden wanted a bannana and since he had one Haily wanted one too. It was so cute how they sat there beside each other on the couch watching cartoon and eating.

She has to hold it herself or she throws a fit, but she does pretty good for only being 10 months old.

Later in the afternoon Brad and I took the kids on a walk to the park down the road. I finally got out our wagon and we took them in that. I wasn't real sure how Hailey would do in it, she doesn't sit still for too long so we were afraid she would try and climb out but she didn't. She sat in there with Caiden the whole time. Caiden did so good playing with her. He is such a good big brother, always looking after her.

This is really weird but on the way home from the park we saw a squirrel and from far away we couldn't tell what was in it's mouth and then once we got closer we saw it...

This squirrel had a whole cookie in it's hands and was eating it. It let us get really close to it too. It wasn't giving up that cookie.

On another weird note...

Caiden the last couple days has been wearing his halloween costumes everywhere. Last night he insisted on wearing the thing (from fanastic four) to the grocery store. You know the saying "pick your battles" when your children reach this age that saying really comes in handy. We could have either had him get upset or just let him wear the costume and it's not like he's hurting anyone, he's just being a little boy. Although we did get some very weird looks. So this evening he rode around the block as spiderman.

After our long day Caiden was in bed by 9:00 and Hailey by 9:30 which is really good for her. She has already woke up once and it's now 10:30 so i probably have another hour before she wakes up again.

My night are so fun! Thank god for coffee!!!

*Well i was wrong Hailey woke up before I could even get this posted!*


Andrea said...

Okay...that is hilarious about the squirrel and the cookie!! It musta tasted really good! haha :) So, Hailey is still waking up a lot, huh? Tate always wakes up at night too...but usually only 2 or 3 times after i go to bed...but sometimes that's a lot too if he won't go back to sleep each I understand the tiredness. :) But I still wouldn't trade being a mum for anything! And that is also so cute and funny that Caiden wore his costume to the store! hehe...I would let my kid too you said, you have to pick your battles! Well he makes a mighty good lookin' spiderman!!

Drea said...

the riding the bike as spider man.. funny! haha... I remember that costume!

I hate we cant go on walks :-( maybe we will move back to ohio(southern) you never know. :-) that way we'd be within 4 hrs of bellevue and 6 from my family. thats not to bad.

loved the pics.

MasonTerri said...

It is SoOOo ironic how similar our lives are. . .with a few MAJOR exceptions. . .

1. I would DIE if Mason woke up on his own at 7 or even 8 o'clock in the morning.

2. I doubt you have a 300+lb hubby all tattooed up.

But other than that with the kids Terri def. has to have everything that Mason has. And the spiderman suit is a NORMAL thing around our house.


MasonTerri said...

I have those birthday counter things and we have the same one for the boys and we HAD the same one for the breastfeeding.

MASOn is 4YO, 7Mo, 6days

and Terri Jade is 10Mo, 3Wks, 4days. . .that is so close isn't it!?!?

Kerry said...

that is so funny about the squirrel! great job of getting a pic of it! how sweet hailey eating a banana w/ her brother! I enjoy morning time too....both boys seem to wake up happy, smiley and cuddly!