Monday, April 30, 2007

Monday Memories

Today was such a relaxing day!

Brad woke up with the kids and i got to sleep in until 10:30!!! We played around the house all afternoon and this evening we went out to my parents house to visit. We haven't been able to go out there in a couple weeks because of my grandpa being in the hospital, but he got to come home this weekend. Everything is looking alittle better for him. At least for now.

Caiden loves going out there. They have a 2 acre yard, a swing set, trampoline and a 4-wheeler. Brad and Caiden went on a 4-wheeler ride while me, hailey and grandma played outside and hailey walked around in her walker.

When we got home this evening we cooked out on the grill and Caiden rode his bike in the back alley for awhile. He was exhausted by bedtime. He fell asleep within like 3 minutes. Thats when I knew he had had a fun day!


Dana said...

I am just jealous about being able to sleep until 10:30, much less all the other stuff! Sounds like you had a great weekend. Thanks for the answers to my survey, and I can't believe he eats 8 meals a day. I couldn't keep up with it!

Kell Rees said...

that was the first time i slept that late in 9 months! my husband only eats healthly foods and has to eat every 3 hours. He does this year round, i wish i had his disipline

Drea said...

What a cute pic of Caiden and Brad! I love when Travis spends time like that with Caleb. Its so special. I see its still chilly and Hailey needs a jacket thingy. It was 90 here today!!!!! thats to hot :-( im melting!!! lol

Drea said...

oh and the sleeping in until 10:30am... THAT SO ROCKS!!!