Monday, April 16, 2007

Monday Memories

Today i took the kids to the park to play. The weather was actually pretty nice, for the first time in about 2 weeks! Hailey fell asleep the whole time we were there so it gave me a little time to play with just Caiden. There was a huge hill that he kept rolling and running down.

There was another little boy there, probably about 10 or so who was playing with us and when i play at the park, i play like I'm the kids age. I go up and down the slides, chase them around and swing, but anyways this kid looked at me and asked if i was Caidens mom. After i told him i was he goes i didn't think moms could play on the playground. I asked him where he had heard that and he told me that he just never sees moms playing.

I thought that that was kinda sad to hear a little kid say. That just shows how many parents don't get out there and actually play with there kids.

After we got home Caiden helped Brad cook out on the grill. That is one of his favorite things to do when its nice out. Hailey was helping too=)


Summer said...

Great picture of your boy and a great shot of your family. Your boy looks like he was having alot of fun.

Drea said...

thats hilarious. When we worked with youth in NC years ago every summer we'd go to this camp... and on the way we'd stop at this mcdonalds... the same one every time. At the mcdonalds there was this UNUSUALLY steep hill... that our youth insisted on rolling down. It was so steep though that the kids would BOUNCE off things . It was hilarious!

Im glad to see Brad interacting with the kids so much :-) he looks cute with them.

kerdog said...

how fun! my husband does the same thing at the park. he'll even get the dog to go down the slide w/ him & my son. people just look at us and stare. hehe