Friday, April 20, 2007


I found the cutest thing on line this morning. It's a retro journal called Happy Birthday to Me. It lets you record the events from your child's birthday from ages 1-12. You fill in details like guests, gifts, activities and even the party outfit. It also has pockets to hold the invitations, pictures and cards from each celebration. I don't know about everyone else but there just seems to never be enough room in baby books to write all that you want and to put in all the party pictures.

Haileys first birthday is coming up this summer and i thought this was a good way to capture every moment of it. You can get one for yourself at they are only $17.00.

I found another one too that i think I'm going to get for Caiden. Its called School Years Book. It's a keepsake album for recording school memories and accomplishments. Both parent and child can fill each expandable pocket- theres one for every year from kindergarden to 12th grade- with photos, report cards, art projects and other mementos.

I have so many items already that Caiden has made from school that are just laying around in folders or that are hanging on our fridge(but they can't stay there forever) with this i can put them all in here and keep them organized.

You can get one at
They cost 26.00 and you can get them in different colors and varieties


Drea said...

My mom use to have a book similar to those! I still look at it today of me :-) im so vain haha.
I may have to invest in one fot the boys. So cute.

Hey I saw your profile pic! Love it. You look so pretty and tan. Have you been tanning? And its amazing to get both the kids to smile!

Nice talking with you today, call me tonight if you want blog help. Ill be around ::i think::

Kell Rees said...

I have always kept up on the kids baby books and 1st year calenders but they never had enough room for all the thing i want to put in them.

Thanks! Brad got me a month of tanning for valentines day. He got me that and a massage. He gave me a little "me time" (much needed!)

Drea said...

Ow a massage.... that be so nice! I got a la'stone massage there in town... and it was really weird! They made me like strip down to nothing lol and put A LOT of oils and hot stones on me. It felt good but I was sorta weirded out by the "no cloths" deal. Atleast it was a woman.

I wouldnt mind a NON oily massage though :-)

Tidy Bowl said...

My mom had a "School Days" type book for me... very similar to what you describe. It was great... although by the time I was in high school, we had a hard time remembering to update it!

And as for massages... I've never had a "professional" paid massage. But one of my roomies on the ship was a masseuse, and I got several massages from her... both oily and non oily... and now? I'm not picky! A massage is great, no matter what!