Thursday, April 26, 2007


Every summer we get a membership to the zoo. The closest one to us is about 45 minutes away.

We started doing this when caiden was 2 years old and he absolutely loved it! His favorite thing then used to be the birds. Go figure you take your child to the zoo to see all kinds of animals and all they want to do is stay in the bird building, if we wanted to watch birds we could go outback at our house and do that:)

He loved playing in the ostrich egg that was in the end of the bird museum. This summer we are going to get another pass. This will be the first time Hailey will go. We hope that she will enjoy it as much as her brother did. This is a fun family thing that we can all do together for a reasonable price. The pass lasts for a whole year and includes parking and other discounts throughout the zoo and at other zoo's. It is only 65.00 for a family. That really isn't alot when you look at the admission for one day. For our family to go once it would be about 30.oo. If you are interested in buying a pass for your family go to or whatever zoo is closest to you for their rates. Your children will love it!


Summer said...

We don't have a zoo close to us. If we wanted to go to the zoo we need to a take a ferry to get to a zoo. The closet one to us is in Vancouver. Zoos are alot of fun.

P.S. What is your boy sitting in?

Kell Rees said...

it's an ostrich egg. He loved playing in it for some reason!