Friday, September 30, 2011

Today was school pictures for caiden. He is so funny, because he's alittle shy and not very outspoken but when he thinks he looks like a stud (lol) you should see him strut his stuff:)

I just cant believe how old he's looking in the past year.

I want time to slow down. My kids are growing up faster than i want them to. I was going through my nightstand in my bedroom yesterday and found old picture of caiden when he was 2 or 3 and I cant help but miss my little boy so much looking at them. Don't get me wrong, i love every stage that I've experienced so far with him but he no longer has that baby look or that chubby smile:) I have saved every card I've ever gotten for mothers day and birthdays and there was one where brad traced his hand print and caiden helped write his name in it, he was 2. Now i look at him and he's so grown up and handsome, almost 9 years old. We must have done something right with him, he's growing up to be a very respectful handsome young man! Mom and Brad love you bub

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