Friday, September 16, 2011

Alittle trip

Today i am starting to pack for our trip to Tennessee, this past April my grandpa pasted away from cancer and my grandma, dad and other family members are going to the smokey mountains to spread his ashes. We have rented a 4 story beautiful cabin and i am so excited to get away with just me and Brad but i really cant believe how hard it's getting on me the closer it gets to leave my kids.
I just keep thinking the worst...what if somethings happens while were gone or what if something happens to us...i need to stop thinking this way though and just enjoy the mini vacation.
Both kids will be staying at my moms house while we are gone, we will be dropping them off tomorrow morning (Saturday) and will be getting back late Tuesday night. She has taken Monday and Tuesday off work to watch the kids for us, which was very appreciated because if not we would not have been able to go. So for the next 4 days my mom will be taking them to school and all there sporting events, I'm just so used to doing it all myself that i panic alittle thinking about not being here for them.
From what i have heard the place we are going is absolutely beautiful, i cant wait to see it. Brad and I have our own room with views that overlook the mountains, we still have never taken a honeymoon so even though we will be there with my family i really want to make sure we have enough time for just the two of us to do whatever we want and just enjoy time together...then maybe next year he can take me on a real honeymoon, but this one will do for now.
I'm sure i will have many pictures to post once we get back:)

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