Friday, September 9, 2011

My Diva♥

Hailey is such a girly girl and i absolutely love it.

I am surprised at how much i do seeing how its kinda the opposite of me, i never get my hair or nails done, never go shopping for myself, dont wear much jewerly, im pretty much very simple. Hailey on the other hand loves it all. It is a normal day for Hailey to have on her princess dresses and shoes and 20 pieces of jewerly just to go to the store. It always makes us and others laugh to see it:)

Hailey started Pre-K on wednesday this week so as a surprise on tuesday Brad and I took her to a salon to get her nails and toes painted. She loved it and all the attention that all the ladies gave her

For now this was only a one time thing, i dont want her expecting things like this weekly shes definately too young for that. Iwill be doing her nails for the rest of the school year which by the way i have already had to do everyday before school to fix the areas that chipped off, its so funny that shes 5 and makes me redo them everyday. But i hope that this is a memory that Hailey will always remember doing with us.

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