Friday, September 9, 2011

First Day Of Pre-K

My little girl is not so little anymore, this week was her first day of school, its very bittersweet for me...she is the youngest and I have not worked much so i could be home with my kids, for the last four years caiden has went to school and it's always just been me and hay together all day...until now, so it is hard to watch her go.

I know most parents cant wait for the school year to start and for there children to go to school all day but i really do dread our summers coming to an end. I love both of my children being home with me and spending as much time with them as i can. I have even considered homeschooling just because i think school days are too long and too much time away from me but I think that also takes away from the friendships and social skills that come with going to school.

Caiden goes a full 7 hr school day 5 days a week and Hailey goes 2 1/2 hours 5 days a week. I know its short days but it was still very hard leaving her.

Hailey on the other hand was very excited for school to start and loved it, she couldnt wait to go back the next day. We spent 2 hrs getting ready on her first day, had to wash dry and curl hair, re-paint nails find the perfect shoes for her new dress and make sure all 3 of her stuffed animals fit in her bookbag (i did mention that shes alittle diva right? :)

Brad left work for alittle bit to surprise her in the classroom with a goodluck first day hug and kiss, Hailey loves her daddy so she was soo happy to see him and to show him how beautiful she looked.

I dropped her off and she ran right in, nothing at all like last year where she was afraid for me to leave and cried almost everyday, so it was much nicer knowing she was okay going but I wouldn't have minded just a few extra hugs or goodbyes wave:*( I think that part of me was just expecting her to hold on till the minute that i left that i almost didnt know what to do when she ran right in. Of course i did have to go in after her for one last kiss and to let her know i was leaving and would be back soon to pick her up but i think that was more for my reassurance then for her. At the end of the school day i got there early and stood by the door, the blinds were open alittle so of course i had to peek, she was having a blast playing. For some reason though the blinds were closed the following day, guess they dont want crazy moms like me peeking in there classrooms.

Shes still my baby no matter how old she is!

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