Friday, September 16, 2011

Its Football time!!!

We love football season, Caiden plays, Michigan Wolverines play and then theres the Browns, I'm not such a huge fan of them but Brad and Caiden are so i guess I'm stuck liking them too.

Caiden plays on 2 flag football teams this year, one here in bellevue and one in Perkins. His sports keep us pretty busy but he loves it and so do we. His perkins team plays on Monday/Wednesdays and the Bellevue team plays Tuesday/Saturday. He has his first game this Saturday and another one Monday. Last night at practice the coaches had him at quarterback and I'm pretty sure he will probably end up playing there for his first game. The thing with caiden in sports is he listens to what they are telling him and catches on very quick, it has alot to do with the fact that him and brad have been out in the yard practicing throwing, catching and running different plays since he was 4. So when the coaches tell him what route to run he knows exactly what they are talking about. Its kinda sad to see some of the kids out there who are caidens age that don't even know how to catch or throw yet, its not really there fault its more the fact that no one has taken the time to show them how.

This isn't just me bragging about my kids but they are pretty advanced in most things they do, mainly though because we have always put the time into our children and have taught them things from a very young age.

I love listening to the coaches talk about how good caiden is and how they really need him at every game...i know its probably just a mom thing but i cant help but smile and repeat what they say any chance i get. I'm always very proud to watch him when he plays sports. He really puts his heart into it and loves every minute of it, the smile or little wave i get from him while sitting on the sideline always makes my day, even though hes all boy he likes to make sure moms always watching♥

Now onto college football...

Last weekend Brad and I went to the first night game ever at the big house vs Notre Dame. It was the most amazing game with us scoring the winning touchdown with 2 seconds left on the clock!!! We got to Michigan around 4 and stopped at our hotel first to take our bags there and to kinda see the area so we would know where we were going once the game was over then we headed strait to the stadium, we didn't find tickets ahead of time so wanted to see if we could find someone selling them there, which people do all the time. We found a guy selling them right away and bought them, we were so excited to have the tickets and to be for sure getting into the game. We stopped and tailgated for awhile with a family from here in Bellevue and then headed into the game...that is until we get to the entrance and find out that our tickets that we just paid ALOT of money for were counterfeit!!! Ive never felt so sick to my stomach, this guy basically just stole from us, we were so ready and excited to walk in and it was smashed in an instant. Thankfully we handled the situation very well and the lady at the front allowed us to purchase tickets from behind the counter that they had set aside for situation like this (the game was sold out). So after paying MORE money we finally got in and watched a game that went down in college football history!! We defiantly learned our lesson though from buying from just anyone. After the game the stadium and fans were going crazy, no one left for hours, even though we paid much more than expected we were soo happy to be a part of Michigan stadium history!!! Cant wait for the next game we go to together, not only do we both love going to the games but its also time for me and brad to get away together and enjoy each other♥

Tailgating before the game
The view from our seats

We go to about 3 games a year, usually its just me and brad with no kids, once they get alittle older we might take them once in awhile. Caiden went to his first game 2 years ago and had a hard time sitting through it, which means Hailey would have an even harder time lol, shes so hyper and never wants to sit still. We do take the kids every year to fan day, where they get to play out on the field and get all the players autographs, here some pics from this years fan day

Brad and the kids on the M in the middle of the field

Hailey with the Michigan cheerleaders:)

Me and my babies getting ready to high five the players as they walk by

Caiden catching a pass in the end zone...oh how we would love for this to be true about 10 years from now, we would be his biggest fans:)

Me and brad in front of the new scoreboards, they are almost finished!

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