Thursday, June 7, 2007

Tee-ball/Growing up

We are definately staying busy around here this summer. We have storytime, caiden's tee-ball, i play on 2 softball teams and we might be putting caiden in gymnastics again. It makes our weeks go by so fast but it's fun to be out and doing something other than just going to the park everyday.

Tonight was caidens first tee-ball game. The first week they have the kids play kickball just to get them used to running the bases (i really cant believe how many children have absolutely no idea how to play kickball or run bases. Are parents really not going out and playing and teaching there children these things anymore?) Caiden had fun but was a little upset because he really wanted to play baseball instead of kickball. He is so good at hitting. We go out in the yard alot and play with him, he actually does better when we pitch to him than hitting off a tee.

He was so funny, the first time the ball came to him, he tried to kick it so hard he missed!

But he got it the next time :-)

After his game we went strait to my game. We won. So far we haven't lost any. I play either short stop or second base. It's fun playing, i get to get out and be with all women my age and have normal adult conversations for a whole hour. I love every minute i spend with my children but sometimes i need a break, and this is my way to get one but to still have my kids right there with me. (by the way i hit a home run tonight!)

On another note... I have started planning for Hailey 1st birthday! I can't believe that it is already next month. She is growing up way too fast. It's kinda sad to think that i will never go through this baby stage again. Brad and I are almost positive that we do not want anymore children, i know that we are still young but we feel that we can do more and better provide for our two children. Caiden has already decided for us that Hailey is having a princess birthday party! Isn't that cute, he wants to help with everything! Well i'm off to bed Hailey has finally fallin back to sleep so now i can too!

Look at how old Hailey looks in this picture! We bought this chair for Caiden on his first birthday and now Hailey is already big enough for it!!
She learned to play patty-cake!


Kerry said...

Congrats on your home run! Good for you taking time for yourself. We need that as mommas!

Drea said...

so cute andd thats so cool you play sports.. i know providence has a softball team now.. but the need better players from what i heard ;-)

wish we could be there for some of this :-(
ill have to be sure to get hailey a bday gift and give it to you when we come up!

Call me if you want help w/ onetruemedia sometime this weekend!

Dana said...

I miss playing softball!

My kids fight like cats and dogs when they are all together but if you take one of them out of the picture (doesn't even matter which one) the two remaining get along great.

Congrats on the homerun!

mAsOn & tErrI's mOm said...

WOW. . .kudos to you! How on earth do you have the energy to play after you go to their games? What do you do with Hailey while you play? Does your husband go to any of the games? (I'm soo nosy!) And yes she does look very big for one! She could so pass for like 2!?!? :-D

Kell Rees said...

Brad works 12 hour swing shifts so he comes to my games every other week.
When he can't come i always have one of the grandmas who are more than willing to sit with hailey throughout my games!
Some days i don't feel like i have the energy to play but once i get there and we start, i'm fine. It's fun and i don't think your nosy, i'm the same way. brad gets so annoyed with me when we go out cause i'll be sitting there listening to other peoples conversations instead of him. It's just a habit:-)