Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Monday Memories

We took the kids over to my aunts house this evening to go swimming. The heat has been unbearable!!! It's been around 90-95 degrees but with no breeze or anything, just really humid. So we do whatever we can to get out of our unairconditioned house.
I love taking the kids here to swim because usually it's just us there so we don't have to worry about watching our children with 50 other kids around. I take the kids to the rec center pool here in town and it's no big deal i can handle both of them but it gets tough at times trying to make sure Hailey isn't putting her face in the water and making sure caiden isn't running out the kiddy pool gate or jumping on other kids heads (he had a tendancy to be kinda rough when he plays, i blame brad for that)
While we were there this evening we taught caiden how to dive. He loves jumping off the diving board and can kinda swim now (which is scary because he's fearless) He caught on so quick. By his 3rd try he was diving in better than me!

Although his second dive needs alittle work:-)

I have a feeling that Hailey will be walking by her first birthday, which is here in like 2 1/2 weeks. She walks along the furniture and really anything else pretty fast now. She lets go and will stand on her own for about 10 seconds, but now with this toy she is realizing that she can really move. I guess i need to get more gates up in my house now. Brad has suggested the kind that they use on the cartoon rugrats:-) She gets away from us too fast!!!

Well the kids are getting restless, unless i stay up late at night i don't have alot of time anymore to get on here and do anything (incase you haven't noticed my blog entries getting further apart:)


Andrea said...

hehe...I love his diving!! The second one is so cute too! At least he didn't do a belly flop!! :)

thekirnancrib said...

sooo stinkin cute... brad seems like such a good daddy :)

Drea said...

Wow Caiden does really good! I still cant dive HAHA.

I cant help but notice how big brads shoulders are! LOL he is a workout pro I suppose!
Tell him I say hiiii! So exciting Hailey has started walking.

Cant wait to see you all. I'll try and call again 2day.

pinks & blues girls said...

Wow, what huge milestones for your kiddies! I'm impressed that Caiden is learning to dive so young! Hailey is such a little cutie with her walker pushy thing (sorry, don't know what it's called!!)

What a lovely family!

Jane, P&B Girls

Haley-O said...

LOVE the video!!! Looks sooo refreshing, too! It's way too hot these days!! My little monkey didn't walk till 17 months! She scootched on her butt until then. :)