Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Catching up/Monday Memories

Well it's been almost a week since I last wrote on here so i guess i have alot of catching up to do!

I'll start by telling every dad out there Happy Fathers Day! I know it's a little late but it still counts.

I also wanted to say thanks to elizabeth for having such a cute contest last week for a chance to win a hairclip...I won, i'll let everyone know what kind I got when i recieve it and i'll post pictures of it in Haileys hair! I can't wait!!

Here is my Monday Memories

Today was SOOO hot. It got to be 96 degrees and there was no wind. We spent most of the day at the pool at the rec center here in town. I got a membership for me and the kids this summer to give us something to do while Brad is at work all day, and we still don't have an air conditioner in our house (i broke ours last summer, i didn't know how heavy they were and tried to take it out of the window myself and it fell out the window onto the ground) so is theres anywhere we can go thats air conditioned or with a pool, we're there!

Caiden has gotten so much better in the water, he can't swim yet above water but he can kinda swim under the water. He doesn't even have to plug his nose.

Hailey loves the water too. She sits in the pool with me and crawls around and plays the whole time. We got the cutest float for her...

I couldn't get Caiden to stand still long enough for me to get a good picture of him but you can tell how much fun he's having!

He was finally brave enough this year to jump off the diving board. It took him a couple trys to get the courage to jump but once he did he loved it and wanted to do it again!
Later that night while Brad cooked out on the grill Caiden, Hailey and I went looking to lighting bugs to smush, oops i mean catch (caidens way of catching them is to clap his hands together, and then he wonders why they don't light up anymore:)

Caiden looks so skinny here jumping to catch the lighting bugs. We really do feed him!

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Haley-O said...

Omigosh, POOL! I totally love pools right now! They're the ONLY relief I have from the heavy weight of my preggo body!

Love all the pics! Great memories!! :)