Sunday, June 8, 2014

Summer Break-Day 5

Something is wrong with this picture....I'm pretty sure Hailey should be up on the pillow and Leo should be at the foot of the bed lol 

I decided to wake up early this morning and get a head start on the kitchen floor, we are finally getting rid of the nasty carpet that has been in this kitchen for at least 30 years now. When we moved in we re did every room but the kitchen and we are now finally starting on it!!!!
I guess it was a little too early for me to function well and I very stupidly painted myself into the kitchen...

So I just sat down for an hour and waited for it to dry, definitely not my smartest moment lol.

We were supposed to have softball and baseball practice this evening but they both got rained out and it finally gave us a free evening so we took Grandma Rees out to the Mexican place here in Bellevue for her Birthday. Of course the kids had to tell the server and make Grandma wear the sombrero while we all sang Happy Birthday to her.

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