Friday, June 6, 2014

Summer Break-Day 3

We had an awesome night of sports tonight.

Haileys game started first at 6, she played in Clyde. We have finally gotten to the age with Caiden that we allow him to stay home and ride his bike up to practice or to games when Hailey has practice or a game on the same night as him(and we only live 2 blocks from the ball field). The girls played so good and have been fighting so hard for each win. The team we beat tonight has not lost a game in 2 years. We were there first loss. We have promised the girls that if they win tomorrow morning also we will take them all out for ice cream :) They are now 3-1 and have really come so far since the first game.
We left from Haileys game at 730 and headed strait back to Bellevue to watch Caidens little league team that started at 7. When we showed up we were down 1-5. So far his team is undefeated so we were a little surprised at the score. This was our last at bat, our last chance to try and win the game, there were 2 outs bases loaded and one of our 12 year olds hit his first home run ever, a grand slam to win the game and save their undefeated record. FNB is now 10-0 and is automatically in the world series game!! All the coaches had to buy ice cream for the team.

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