Monday, March 19, 2012

State Placer!!!:)

What a weekend of wrestling we had! 
This weekend was the OAC state wrestling tournament. This is Caidens 3rd year wrestling and his 2nd time making it to state. We got a hotel for the weekend and stayed with the rest of the team, went out to eat the first night down there to Quaker stake and Lube, the kids had a blast! All our wrestlers got up in front of everyone for Karaoke night and sang  and danced for hours. I love that these boys can be soo good at the sport that they love but also know how to still have fun with each other and not let their nerves get the best of them. They all got to sleep in the next morning and didn't have to be to the tournament until noon.

Caiden had to start the day off with a really good, tough kid who has already beat him once this year but he still gave it his all and fought to the end but ended up losing. (This kid he started the tournament with ended up winning it all with 1st place) He had one more match for the day to see if he would stay or go home and he won so we made it to day #2:)
Because of his loss in the first match he had to win his next 3 matches to place then from there he had to wrestle to see what his placement would be. Not only did he win his next 3 matches he pinned all three kids in them...

knowing that he had for sure placed at state took alittle of the edge off and we could relax and breathe alittle more least I could....Brad was another story lol.
He ended up losing his next placement match and got 8th place for the weekend. We are soo soo proud of him and all his determination this year. He placed 8th out of every kid his age and his weight in all of Ohio. Hundreds of kids go to districts, then from there only 4 from each district make it to state and from those 20-30 at state he was a placer! Caiden is such a fighter, as we are standing there getting his picture taken on the podium he looks at me and says...I'm so happy I placed but next year, I'm gonna be higher up on this podium<3 p="p">

8th place!
Recieving his medal

Max, Collin, Caiden
TeamRays D2 placers

Love him

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