Saturday, March 31, 2012

Date night

This date night didn't involve me though, it was a Hailey and Daddy's date night:)

When Hailey was alittle younger her and brad would do a date night about once a month, with our schedules getting busier with sports and Brads work schedule always changing they really haven't had many chances to keep up with them. But Hailey loves this time with her daddy and still talks about them.  So we are going to be making time each month and having a day where they go out together and me and Caiden will be able to go out together too. They have "their" restaurant...Arby's which is hays favorite and then usually they do a movie or shopping just something they can both do together.
This past Friday Brad took her to her first build a bear workshop and then took her shopping for her Easter dress, I gotta say i think I'm pretty lucky because most dads wont do the holiday clothes shopping or spend 2 hours in a store picking out the perfect outfit for a new teddy bear named princess Lexie:) or spend another hour in the fitting room finding a dress for her that matches princess Lexies lol... i really hope these are memories that Hailey will remember with her dad for always, she's a lucky little girl too:)

Hailey and princess Lexie in their new outfits

Hopefully throughout the years the dates nights are something that never go away, this time is so important, a time for him to be just one on one with his daughter, to let her know that she can always confide in him and that no matter how busy the schedule gets he will always make time for her because as girls get older it's much harder to talk with your dad because you think he just wont understand the way a mom does, but I hope that by keeping this close relationship she will know that he is always there for her and  he will always make time for her no matter what.

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