Wednesday, February 11, 2009

I'm back from being lazy!-Again

So here I said that i was going to keep up with my blog and stop being so lazy and then 5 months go by with no post. We've been keeping busy with work, school and playing.
Caiden loves kingergarden still and is doing so good. He is now able to read full sentences, very easy ones of course but we can't believe how fast he is catching on. He got his school pictures back awhile ago and every time i look at it I still can't believe that he is 6 years old already, he is looking so grown up now, no more baby look to him at all, he's such a handsome little man! :-)

I love that he has no front teeth in his school pictures!!!

The bad part about him going to school is that i miss our morning time to play and just lay around together. He goes from 8am to 3 pm (which i think is too long of a school day for kindergarden) and then by the time he gets home and gets a snack and does any home work there isn't much playtime until it's bath time and then time for bed. Not to mention the fact that wednesday, thursday and friday i have to leave for work at 4:30 pm so on those days i only get an hour and a half with him. We have all adjusted but it is still really hard some days. As soon as Hailey is old enough to go to school i am going to get a first shift job so i can be home with the kids all evening.

On the other hand Hailey is absolutely loving her alone time with mommy during the day. Since Caiden is at school and Brad sleeps till 3pm (cause he works 3rd shift) it is just me and her. She is such a little princess, she loves to play dress up and put makeup on, anything girly!

She is such a good little girl. even though she has her diva moments (many of them) she is so sweet. She always has to be sitting very close to me or on my lap and she has to rub my face at all times. I think that it is just a comfort thing for her. She used to do that whenever i nursed her and i nursed her for 14 months so thats something that has just stuck with her.
I'm off now to pick Caiden up from school and then to get ready for work.

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