Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Hair cut/P90X

I am so happy to say that after almost 2 full weeks of my kids being sick i am finally starting to see some improvment with them getting better! I took Caiden to the doctors last monday and they said he had croup, which if you do not know what this is it is a horrible barking cough and at night they have trouble breathing because it restricts the airway so it's pretty scary at first (espiecally for the child) Hailey 2 weeks ago had the flu virus but not the actual flu and then last week she actually got the flu, so i'm looking forward to getting sleep again at night now that there better!

For the past 5 years i have been growing my hair out, but lately i have gotten so sick of how long it is and the fact that with it being so long there isn't much i can do with it besides put it in a ponytail cause it's always in my way. So yesterday i went out and got 12 inches taken off!

I was kinda nervous at first but I really like it now and there is so much more that i can do with it, it's much more managable now!

I think that I really like my longer hair better but it was time for a change.

Well i'm off to do go shopping for Brad (our 3 year anniversary is tomorrow) and then to do plyometrics (P90X) this is my most dreaded day but it is getting easier with every week that passes, i'm now in my 5th week so i still have awhile to go. I think that once i get more into it and can really start to see the results i might post my before and after photos. I took my before photos and I just took my 30 day photos and there is some difference, but not enough yet that i want to show all. Well see how good my results are.

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Drea said...

Love the hair cut! ur so pretty in whatever style.
Hey speaking of p90x im so seeing a change already!!


check that pic out. I cant wait to see ur befores.. although I cant imagine much change.. u were already in such good shape.

OW and my most dreaded workout... has got to be yoga! its so hard!