Thursday, June 2, 2011

One years difference

I was looking through some old pictures today after the kids went to school, i took there last day of school pictures and it made me sad of how fast their growing so i had to reminisce for a bit, sniff sniff, then i started looking at their first day of school pictures just from this school year and was blown away how much taller and more mature both kids look in the 9 months span from first to last day. I take their pictures in the same spot in front of the window each time.

Caidens beginning and end photos of 2nd grade, I cant believe his growth!!! His head was below the window pane in the 1st one and waaayy above in the 2nd.

Hailey's beginning and end photos of preschool...she looks so much more confident and sure of herself after her first school year. Because of the light you cant see the window panes but you can see where her shoulders come to below the window.

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